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Fabulous Flowers
La Red,


| Comedy, Family

When an elderly widow uses a state credit to start a taxi service employing only women, her son must live a lie in order to keep the business afloat.

Oh, wat een jaar!

It's a dutch tv show Where 3 hostst and 2 guests every week look back at a certain year. The aks questions About the music, the clothing, hypes and trends. Last week for example was the year 1996, Some dutch singers did 'wannabe' by the spice girls in their typical outfits.

Help, Mijn Man Is Klusser!
RTL 4,


| Family, Reality

Construction program in which John Williams visits desperate partners of do-it-yourselfers, who have been camping with crooked toes between unfinished or improperly executed projects for a long time.

RTL 5,


| Comedy, Family

The often energetic comedian Jandino Asporaat is guaranteed for good jokes.

K3 Zoekt K3

It's a Dutch talent show where the girls from K3 go find their Successors

Danmark har talent

A Danish talent show, where the participants show their talents through dance, music and various other art forms. Is based upon the British show Britain's Got Talent.

Politsaite ot kraya na grada

"Politsaite ot kraya na grada" (eng: "Policemen from the end of the city") conveys viewers into the life and work of a group of unhappy policemen who create much more trouble than those who have to decide and devote much more time to masking the gaps than to fulfilling their duties. After his latest bust, the policemen in this story were dropped into a "neighborhood policeman" in the most conflicting neighborhood of the city. This is their last and only opportunity to stay in office ...

Bookaboo (2016)

Meet Bookaboo, a world famous rock puppy who tours the globe with his bandmates, Paws and Growler, playing drums to packed stadiums of adoring fans. Just one hitch. Bookaboo can't play without a story a day. Luckily celebrity guests drop backstage on his Bookabus to share their favorite books and coax him back onstage. Read along to illustrated books animated in this story time fun.

Blazing Dragons

In Ancient Camelhot, King Allfire and the Knights of the Square Table battle evil nights and protect their castle. It's mainly based around Flicker, a bright young dragon who hopes to become a night one day. He serves as a squire to Sir Longelot. His name speaks for himself. And is in love with the beautiful young princess Flame (who loves him in return.) And it's just a bunch of fun filled adventures of the dragons from "Camelhot"!

Classical Baby

Classical Baby is the name of an HBO television series touted as a show for parents to watch with their babies. The show features pieces of classical music played while images of clowns, animals, and works of art are shown.