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Mankind: The Story of All of UsMankind: The Story of All of Us

This world broadcast initiative is the epic tale of the global rise of civilization, complete with danger, action, heroism and adrenaline. This series takes viewers from the first flourishing of civilization in Mesopotamia through the discovery of America.

America: The Story of UsAmerica: The Story of Us

This show exposes the historical events that mark the birth of America and what has occurred in its history to help it develop into the country that it is today.

Prototype ThisPrototype This
A&E, 2008 | Family, Discovery/Science, Educational
Rating: 1/5

"Prototype This" turns dream projects into reality on this Discovery Channel series based around designing and creating robots, gadgets, and other things.

Robot Combat LeagueRobot Combat League

Get ready for a reinvention of gladiatorial combat for the 21st century! Each week, Robot Combat League will feature tournament-style battles between eight-feet tall, state-of-the-art humanoid robots controlled by human "robo-jockeys".

Prophets of Science FictionProphets of Science Fiction

Hosted by Ridley Scott, this show reveals the secrets of the uncanny vision of science fiction's founding fathers. Episodes include an intimate look into the minds of legendary figures including Isaac Asimov, Gene Roddenberry and George Lucas to examine how their work often inspired future discoveries decades before they took place.

Strip The CosmosStrip The Cosmos

In each episode of this show, stunning CGI strips major planets, moons, black holes, stars and galaxies of gases, minerals, rock, magma and gravitational force-fields - layer by layer - revealing the destiny, origins and structure of the universe. STRIP THE COSMOS will also explore fascinating mysteries including: What happens inside an exploding star?; Can you escape from being sucked into a black hole?; Do the insides of comets harbor life?; and can we travel through the cosmos inside an asteroid?

James May's Things You Need to KnowJames May's Things You Need to Know
BBC Three, 2011 | Discovery/Science, Documentary
Rating: 5/5

This documentary takes a look at different subjects that everyone should know about.

Stephen Hawking's Science of the FutureStephen Hawking's Science of the Future

Stephen Hawking presents a dynamic look at what the future could look like.

How It's Made: Dream CarsHow It's Made: Dream Cars

Picture your dream car: a Maserati or maybe the Audi R8. Have you ever wondered just how that incredible machine was made? Visit the birthplaces of your favorite cars.

Richard Hammonds Engineering ConnectionsRichard Hammonds Engineering Connections
Nat Geo, 2008 | Discovery/Science
Rating: 4/5

Top Gear presenter, Richard Hammond, explores the connections between some of the worlds most iconic engineering inventions to see if he can uncover the true ideas behind them.

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