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Slum SurvivorsSlum Survivors

The show follows three teenage amateurs as they head to slums across the world to spend 10 days with the people who do the jobs they want to do in a very different environment.


A weekly program highlighting current consumer issues with a libertarian viewpoint.

Blood Road Bomb SquadBlood Road Bomb Squad

It is considered one of the most dangerous and heavily-mined countries in the world. For the specially trained soldiers tasked with finding and destroying bombs on Afghanistan's roads, there is no such thing as a typical day on the job.

Unsafe Sex in the CityUnsafe Sex in the City

Unsafe Sex in the City examines how unsafe unprotected sex is and how it effects Britain's youth as it follows life at a Manchester STI clinic.

Why Poverty?Why Poverty?

A series of films showing what it means to be in poverty in the 21st century.

Reality CheckReality Check

This show is hosted by Tom Ballard and features topical cracking panel discussion in which no-one gets voted off at the end and no-one plays the pantomime villain.

The Kelly FileThe Kelly File

Megyn Kelly moves to prime time in this nightly series covering political stories and featuring big-name interviews.

Weather GeeksWeather Geeks

Hosted by Dr. Marshall Shepherd and Chris Warren, the show explores the most important topics in the weather community. Focusing on the merits of storm chasing, it asks the tough questions - is it worth it? what is the value? are chasers putting themselves and others at risk? The episodes will feature expert host Dr. Marshall Shepherd and his guest, world-renowned storm chaser Dr. Charles Doswell.

Nick And Margaret: Too Many Immigrants?Nick And Margaret: Too Many Immigrants?

The show follows Nick Hewer and Margaret Mountford as they explore the impact immigrants have on the UK.



| Drama, Action, Crime, Current Events
Rating: 5/5

The series was a soap opera, dealing with the lives of ordinary people, living and working in or around an average lakótelep (Gazdagréti microdistrict, a socialist housing estate with several thousand flats in Budapest, built in the 1980s). Its characters were explored, over time, in equal depth: ranging from elderly pensioners, busy middle aged professionals, up-and-coming young people, and children growing into their teens.

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