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Tuesday Night Titans

Hosted by Vincent K. MaMahon and Co Host by Lord Alfred Hayes. Each Week McMahon brings on 3 or more guests to fill in the time slot to introduce themselves to the audience then show a match clip of that person. Some Notable guest Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant & Big John Studd.

NPO 1,


| Drama, Sports

A drama starring with Thekla Reuten.

Being Mario Gotze

The four-part documentary series, which has been available on the DAZN streaming service since June 9, 2018, accompanies Mario Götze, the 2014 FIFA World Cup champion, for more than seven months in his attempt to regain his old level of power and again in the German league World Cup squad 2018 to create. The series not only shows Götze's everyday sporting life and his fight for the World Cup ticket and his private life. With Götze's family and numerous celebrity companions such as Jürgen Klopp, Jogi Löw, Matthias Sammer and Toni Kroos, the documentary series looks back on the beginnings, the great successes and the crises of the player and takes a detailed look at his medical history. Götze talks about the World Cup goal and the experiences after his move to Bayern Munich and describes in detail his view of football and life.

Being The Elite

Being the Elite debuted on YouTube in May 2016 and has since aired, on average, once or twice a week. The show is shot and edited entirely on an iPhone with the members of The Elite holding complete creative control over the content. Originally intended as a promotional vehicle and a video journal of The Elite's life on the road, it has since evolved into a hybrid that also includes skits and storyline developments involving both The Elite and Bullet Club.

El Cesar

El César (Cesar) follows the official story of Mexico's legendary and worldwide boxing idol, Julio César Chávez, a man who remained undefeated for 13 years, 11 months and 14 days. Julio César Chávez has everything: family, fame, money and legions of followers. However, his accessibility to the world of drugs, love affairs with Hollywood stars, the highest levels of political power and addictions to alcohol and drugs, will end his career and also almost end his life. The series will bring viewers into the Mexican Grand Champion's stormy life both inside and outside of the ring, as he walks through the rough path that will eventually lead him to becoming an idol to millions.

Inside: U.S. Soccer's March To Brazil

A six-episode series premiering May 13 2014, giving fans an inside look at the U.S. Men's National Team in advance of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

The Manageress

A woman takes over as the manager of a football team .

What Would Ryan Lochte Do?


| Sports, Reality

Ryan Lochte is not your normal swimmer and this new reality series explores his life away from the pool.

The 5th Quarter


| Sports

The 5th Quarter chronicles the greatest untold and untrue stories in sports history featuring guest appearances from comedians, actors and pro athletes playing themselves and fictional characters.

Adam Carolla Goes Racing

Podcaster, comedian and car fanatic Adam Carolla takes us through exhilarating vintage car races around the world. Revealing interviews from legendary drivers and famous attendees will guarantee to get your engines running.