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British Columbia: An Untold HistoryBritish Columbia: An Untold History
Knowledge Network, 2021 Cancelled/Ended | History, Documentary

The four-part documentary examines British Columbia's dramatic history from the late 18th century through to the present, as told through interviews with figures who have lived and studied it, and presented with archival photos, recreations and aerial footage of the B.C. landscape. Indigenous, Asian, Black and European stories are interwoven to present a diverse look at the sometimes lesser-known events that define B.C. as it is known today.

Empire BuildersEmpire Builders
Movistar Plus Cancelled/Ended | History, Documentary

Throughout the centuries great empires have been erected, whose creators have governed nations, regions and continents for hundreds and even thousands of years. From the great civilizations of antiquity to the first world powers of our days, this series reviews the legacy left to us by the great empires that have written the history of humanity. Combining computer-generated images with dramatic reconstructions, experts and historians analyze the role these civilizations have played and how their heritage has survived to this day.

The Century of WarfareThe Century of Warfare

Ride into Aqaba with Lawrence of Arabia. Stand with Patton as his tanks lead the Allied breakout from the coast of Normandy. Patrol the nighttime jungles of Vietnam... A CENTURY OF WARFARE explores the pivotal battles, profiles the commanders and chronicles the myriad ways in which war has shaped the modern world. The 26 hour-long episodes in this monumental set feature an encyclopedic collection of archival film dating back to 1896, creating an unforgettable visual record of every major military engagement from the precursors of World War I to the liberation of Kuwait.

A Journey Through American MusicA Journey Through American Music
Prime Video, 2007 Cancelled/Ended | History, Documentary

Presented by Morgan Freeman from his Ground Zero Blues Club in Clarksdale Mississippi. What was the Blues music that came out of the Delta and how did it develop into Jazz and Soul? Using interviews with musicians and musicologists and with unique access to the archive of the Montreux Jazz Festival we tell this story of American music. Essential viewing for Jazz fan and historian alike.

World War OneWorld War One
CBS, 1964 Cancelled/Ended | Military/War, History, Documentary

A filmed historical survey of the First World War.

Deep Sea DetectivesDeep Sea Detectives
History, 2003 Cancelled/Ended | History, Documentary

Join the Deep Sea Detectives as they explore sunken vessels and uncover the secrets of their past. From treasure to tragedy, every wreck has a story to tell. Travel with the team as they dive into history, using cutting-edge technology to solve mysteries and bring lost ships back to the surface. Get ready for an adventure like no other!

China: A Century of RevolutionChina: A Century of Revolution
PBS, 1989 Cancelled/Ended | History, Documentary

A six-hour tour de force journey through the country's most tumultuous period. First televised on PBS, this award-winning documentary series presents an astonishingly candid view of a once-secret nation with rare archival footage, insightful historical commentary and stunning eyewitness accounts from citizens who struggled through China's most decisive century.

Discovering BritainDiscovering Britain
Acorn TV, 2015 Cancelled/Ended | Travel, History, Documentary

In this celebration of Britain's history, culture, and traditions, actors Maureen Lipman (The Pianist) and Larry Lamb (New Tricks) join stars such as Benedict Cumberbatch, Emilia Fox, and Peter Davison as they travel the country exploring Britain's fascination with the past and meet the dedicated people who work to keep our nation's heritage alive.

America's Most BadassAmerica's Most Badass
AHC, 2015 Cancelled/Ended | History, Documentary

One part historical biography and one part fun trivia competition, America's Most Badass breaks new ground in how AHC presents the fact-based stories our audience loves with a faster pace and high-energy presentation, Each hour-long episode examines the lives of four impressive and accomplished historical figures and analyzes their extraordinary feats to determine who is the biggest badass of all time. Through five rounds of competition - fighting skills, survival, toughness, daringness, and cool factor - historians and experts judge each figure and assign points based on how their accomplishments measure up. The legend with the most total points through five rounds earns the title of "America's Most Badass". Bold animation punches up archive footage, photos and recreations of each figure's most defining moments.

Tenali RamaTenali Rama
Sab TV, 2017 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Family, Children, History

The story of the legendary poet in Emperor Krishnadevraya's court who uses his timely wit and intelligence to solve even the trickiest problems and becomes very popular in the King's court.