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The New Worst Witch

A british series about a young girl attending a school for gifted witches.

Life Is Toff

The show follows a family like no other - The Fulfords, the show explores the personal lives of the aristocrats children - Arthur, Matilda, Humphrey and Edmund.

Weirdsister College


| Teens, Children

This is the sequel to successful British children's television series The Worst Witch (1998-2001). We follow Mildred Hubble (Georgina Sherrington) in her first year at Weirdsister College, a university for students of magic. Similar to her adventures at Cackle's, Mildred usually messes up, but saves the day in the end.


Six young people striving for answers as they move from youth to adulthood.

NYC Prep

NYC Prep will chronicle the lives of six real teenagers growing up in Manhattan. By seeing real events like dinner parties, shopping sprees, and weekends out with friends, the audience will gain a glimpse into the elite lives, filled with drama of course, that these six teens live.

Wendell And Vinnie


| Comedy, Family, Teens, Children
Rating: 2/5

When Vinnie's brother and wife suddenly pass away, Vinnie must step up and take care of their son Wendell.


Disney's Stars prank their biggest fans in this hidden camera show.

Square Pegs (US)


| Comedy, Teens
Rating: 5/5

Lauren and Patty begin high school as freshmen with dreams of popularity. Instead, popular valley girls Jennifer and LaDonna dub them "that fat girl" and "that fat girl's friend."


The cameras follow a group of friends over the course of a year as they turn 17, taking a look at the highs and lows of life on the verge of adulthood.

Right This Minute


| Teens, Children, Celebrities, Interview
Rating: 2/5

The format has host Beth Troutman and others sitting around a table discussing whatever the producers, including former TMZ producer Lisa Hudson, have found of interest that day on the web. Usually funny, trending or special videos are shown. Sometimes the clips are newsy and other times humorous or even shocking.