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The Crash

This is a drama series which follows the story of a car crash involving a group of friends. After Kate returns from university for her Christmas break, her boyfriend Tom and friends Rachel, Ethan, Ashley, Brian and Leah head out for a night on the tiles. The young adults pile into two cars, but a fatal accident on the way devastates their families and the survivors, and leaves questions about who is responsible.


Disney's Stars prank their biggest fans in this hidden camera show.

Ready or Not


| Drama, Teens

The program follows two teenage girls in the suburbs of Toronto, Amanda Zimm (Laura Bertram) and Elizabeth "Busy" Ramone (Lani Billard), throughout life's struggles.

Jimmy Two-Shoes

The series follows the adventures of 14-year-old Jimmy, a happy-go-lucky teen who makes it his mission to find fun everywhere he goes. This is a challenge because Jimmy lives in Miseryville, the unhappiest town around, run by the megalomaniacal Lucius Heinous the Seventh. Miseryville has one main industry: Misery Inc., purveyors of putrid products guaranteed to cause grief; and they do not come with a money back guarantee. Along with his best friends Heloise (part-time genius, full-time soul-crusher who secretly adores him) and Beezy (adventure lover, couch potato, and Jimmy's definitive best friend), Jimmy is determined to surf past all obstacles and bring his infectious enthusiasm to the whole town.

Love Sick: The Series

This series is based on a famous Thai BL Novel called :"LOVE SICK: The Chaotic Lives of the Blue Shorts Guys". The story follow 17 year old high school boys who eventually fall in love after a deal brings them closer.


The cameras follow a group of friends over the course of a year as they turn 17, taking a look at the highs and lows of life on the verge of adulthood.


The show follows Corey and his three best friends, Laney and twin brothers Kin and Kon, as they work to propel their garage band to international stardom. The band soon realizes that their lack of lyrical creativity is the only thing stopping them from making it big. Corey hits the jackpot when he stumbles upon the diary of his drama-queen older sister Trina. Her diary provides the best inspirational lyrics for the band.

Excluded: Kicked Out of School

This show follows the staff and students at an alternative provision facility, where children who have been excluded from mainstream education are sent.

The Assistants
The N,


| Comedy, Teens

This show follows the lives of Zak Del Torro's 4 assistants, Gillian, Rigby, Danny, and Nate, as they strive to get into the Hollywood scene and please their boss at all costs!

Kids Behind Bars (2014)

The show talks to some of America's youngest and most dangerous criminals growing up inside one of the country's prisons. The show features extensive access to Indiana's Wabash Correctional Facility, a maximum security prison, as the show takes a look into the lives of the incarcerated youths in its unit for teenagers, Block D.