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Shining HeartsShining Hearts
MBS, 2012 Cancelled/Ended | Fantasy, Anime, Animation

One day, a mysterious girl named Kaguya was washed ashore the island of Wyndaria after a great storm. She encounters Rick, a swordsman who wound up working at the island's bakery. Apparently, Kaguya is suffering from having lost her memories and emotions. In addition, the usually peaceful Wyndaria is now swarming with pirates who came seeking for the special spirit stone that is worn around Kaguya's neck. Knowing the situation, Rick and his co-workers, Nellis, Amyl, and Aerie decided to bring back peace to island and help Kaguya regain her lost memories and emotions.

Hanabichan ~The girl who popped out of the game world~Hanabichan ~The girl who popped out of the game world~
BS Nippon, 2022 Running | Comedy, Anime, Animation

The story follows Hanabi, Versus and Thunder, three Pachinko machines, in the guise of young women.

Majestic PrinceMajestic Prince
Tokyo MX, 2013 Cancelled/Ended | Action, Sci-Fi, Anime, Animation

In the latter half of 21st century, humans leave the Earth and begin to live in space. In order to adapt to the environment in space and deal with the hostile aliens in Jupiter, genetically engineered children called "Princes" are artificially raised and trained to be pilots of armed robots "AHSMB (Advanced High Standard Multipurpose Battle Device). This is a story about one of the teenage "Princes", Hitachi O Izuru, who studies in an academic city Grandzehle.

Tying the Knot with an Amagami SisterTying the Knot with an Amagami Sister
AT-X In Development | Comedy, Romance, Anime, Animation

Uryuu Kamihate has had a rough start to life, but plans to forget it all by achieving his dream-matriculating into medical school. But when he arrives at his new foster home, a working shrine, his dream of a quiet place to study goes up in smoke. Not only will he be living with the three beautiful, lively Amagami sisters-but he learns that he must marry one of them and take over the temple!

Ooya-san wa Shishunki!Ooya-san wa Shishunki!
Tokyo MX, 2016 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Anime, Animation

The story follows a boy who gains independence and moves into a rented apartment. He meets his landlord, a little girl who attends middle school and takes care of the cooking and housework. The landlord, despite her young appearance, balances her responsibilities while enjoying time with her friends. Ooya-san wa Shishunki! premiered in 2016.

Kamen no Maid GuyKamen no Maid Guy
AT-X, 2008 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Drama, Action, Sports

Fujiwara Naeka, a 17 year-old high school student looks like any other student, but the truth is she is one of two surviving heirs of a extremely big fortune, but she has to wait until she turns 18. During that time she has been assigned two people who will protect her and her brother from people who want the money she is to inherit.

El Hazard: The Magnificent WorldEl Hazard: The Magnificent World
Other, 1995 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Adventure, Anime, Animation
Rating: 5/5

The story focuses on three high school students, Makoto Mizuhara, Katsuhiko Jinnai and Nanami Jinnai, and the History teacher Masamichi Fujisawa, who are mysteriously transported to the fantastical world of El-Hazard. El-Hazard is threatened by a possible war between the human nations and the insectoid Bugrom tribe.

CBC (Japan), 2006 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Action, Fantasy, Anime

Based on the hit video game by Nippon Ichi. After a two year slumber, Laharl, the prince of the Netherworld, finds the Netherworld in chaos after the death of his father, King Krichevskoy. Not wasting any time, Laharl, with the help of his father's former vassal Etna, sets out to conquer the Netherworld and proclaim himself Overlord.

Nina the Starry BrideNina the Starry Bride
AT-X In Development | Fantasy, Romance, Anime, Animation

Nina had a rough start to life, stealing to survive-and eventually being sold into slavery by her own brother. But to her surprise, her captor, Prince Azure, ordained that she would live the life of a princess... specifically, that of the recently deceased princess-priestess, Alisha. But despite her changing fortune, Nina won't give up her old life without a fight and Azure might just be the one to finally match her wits. But how much can she trust Azure? And can she stop the feelings budding in her heart, knowing she must eventually marry another?

Magilumiere Co. LtdMagilumiere Co. Ltd
AT-X In Development | Action, Fantasy, Anime, Animation

"Magical Girl"? A profession that undertakes the work of exterminating a kind of natural disaster called "Kaii." Kana Sakuragi, a female college student who struggles with job hunting, is picked up by a magical girl startup company and...?! Magical Girl work-life starts now!