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Classic RestosClassic Restos

Classic Restos is a diverse high rating T.V. program that highlights classic vehicles of yesteryear. Classic Restos will take you to parts of Australia, New Zealand, and the United States of America. You will see beautiful landscapes, wonderful people, along with some of the world's LARGEST motoring events.

The UndriveablesThe Undriveables

The show sees some of the country's worst learner drivers being paired up with leading instructors to see if they can finally pass their driving test.

I Want That CarI Want That Car

This show is presented by Mat Watson and Rebecca Jackson. They show the viewers at home some of the most iconic motor racing circuits in Britain. They also explain how to spot a bargain whilst offering an insight into some of the gems and classics available on the used car market.

Heirs to the DareHeirs to the Dare

Three famed adrenaline junkies follow in the footsteps of daredevils past, performing dangerous motorcycle stunts that thrill audiences across the country. Henry "Pitbull" Rife, Bubba Blackwell, and Super Joe Reed stop at nothing to perform the most outrageous jumps for the thrills, and fees that come with doing these huge death defying jumps.

In the Wake of Titanic: The CGS Montmagny StoryIn the Wake of Titanic: The CGS Montmagny Story

The show tells the story of the Canadian resupply ship that helped recover corpses from the wreck of the Titanic. Sadly the boat suffered the same tragedy only two years later, when it was hit by another boat.

What'Cha GotWhat'Cha Got

This series profiles sports and entertainment personalities and their automotive character.

Gear HeadsGear Heads

Meet the Gear Heads, Nick Field and Rick Ford. Together, they own and operate Fastlane out of Houston, TX. Fastlane isn't your typical performance shop. Everyday is a new challenge for Nick and Rick as they push the envelope in performance racing. In this 5 episode series, the Gear Heads strive to accomplish one goal, maximum horsepower. Featured in the series are top fuel pilots, Clay Millican and JR Todd. Clay is a 6 time IHRA Top Fuel Champion. Other featured characters include Monte Smith of NOS fame. While the show's main focus is to highlight performance and results, it's also entertaining, endearing and funny.

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