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California DMV: Field OfficesCalifornia DMV: Field Offices

Ashton Kutcher and Jason Goldberg's Katalyst, creator of Punk'd, takes viewers into the California Department of Motor Vehicles. The show will have access to multiple locations and will get to know the people who work there and deal with issues from issuing licenses to investigating complaints.

Demolition: The Wrecking CrewDemolition: The Wrecking Crew

With space being a premium in Britain after a style of architecture becomes obsolete, an industry comes to an end or people simply fall out of love with a building, the demolition crew is called in.

You Can't Get the StaffYou Can't Get the Staff

The show follows the lives of privileged Britons as they seek to fill position in their home. The demand for domestic staff is higher than it has ever been, higher than the labor of domestic staff in Victorian times. Butlers to gardeners, housekeepers to nannies and grooms a bunch of the positions that need to be filled by the privileged. The show will feature: Sir Humphrey Wakefield seeking someone to polish his armour, Princess Olga Romanoff who is looking for a gardener. Sara Vestin Rahmani is looking for a butler to take care of her dogs. The series will also take a look behind the doors of some of Britain's most grandest homes.

Don't Blame The CouncilDon't Blame The Council

Don't Blame The Council is a documentary series that takes a look at Wigan Council which has lost over £100m in funding. It's now struggling to maintain front line services forcing senior management to take some radical action.

The Year Of Making LoveThe Year Of Making Love

A documentary series which follows an experiment creating 500 new couples using the power of science.

The HolidaymakersThe Holidaymakers

The cameras follow ultimate family holiday to discover what happens when different families of all shapes and sizes are thrown together in a luxury villa in Spain.

The Real Peak PracticeThe Real Peak Practice

Cameras from BBC East Midlands have spent a year following the doctors, nurses and patients at Baslow Health Centre near Chatsworth in Derbyshire. The Peak Park has one of the oldest patient populations in the country. Almost one in three of the patients at Baslow is over 65. The team pride themselves on providing bespoke joined up care, keeping their patients at home and out of hospital. But as more surgeries close or merge what is the future for the traditional family doctor? And what can a small rural practice teach us about some of the looming issues now facing every surgery in the country?

Inside Asprey: Luxury by Royal AppointmentInside Asprey: Luxury by Royal Appointment

This is a documentary which features exclusive access inside Asprey, jewellers to the royal family since Queen Victoria's reign. The show follow the fortunes of the staff, the store and its customers over the course of one summer.

Neil Morrissey's Risky BusinessNeil Morrissey's Risky Business

Neil Morrissey and his friend, chef Richard Fox, go in search of the perfect ale recipe, travelling across the UK on the ultimate pub crawl. With the aim of getting their very own brew in the pumps and supermarkets within six months as well as finding and opening their very own pub, the men have got their work cut out for them.

Monument GuysMonument Guys

Some people make history with their actions, and some people make it with molten bronze. At the Crucible Foundry in Norman Oklahoma, brothers Mark and Steve Palmerton, and sculptor Craig Campbell, research, sculpt, and cast bronze statues of deserving heroes—dead and alive, celebrated and forgotten. In small towns across America, these monuments ensure a legacy that will last for thousands of years, and the crew at the Crucible will go to any means to make sure they're done right.

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