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Sunday Night at the Palladium

Featuring variety acts from around the world in front of an audience at the famous London Palladium theatre.

Superstars of Dance

Host Michael Flatley of the "Lord of the Dance" will host this program which pits accomplished dancers from various traditions around the world against one another. Think "So You Think You Can Dance" meets the Olympics.

Chance to Dance

The Producers of "American Idol" and "So You Think You Can Dance" Join Forces with Ovation to Create the Network's First Breakthrough Original Series.

Say It To My Face

The show gives chefs and restaurant owners a chance to defend themselves before their toughest online critics. Never before have faceless online criticizers had so much power over the success or failure of restaurants. A chef can be on their game 99% of the time, but one mistake with one disgruntled customer, and they're facing an uphill battle to get diners back through the doors. Critics and chefs / owners meet face to face to air grievances in this unique show. Then, with the mentorship of co-hosts, Daniel Holzman and Michael Chernow; owners of NYC's cult favorite, The Meatball Shop; each chef / owner will makeover their restaurant. From the menu to the décor and staffing - they will look to redeem their business in hopes that their toughest critics will change their online reviews as a result of the transformation.

Pineapple Dance Studios

Camera crew follows the larger-than-life exploits of the employees and dancers at London's renowned Pineapple Dance Studios.

Ashley Banjo's Secret Street Crew

This is a reality series which follows Ashley Banjo who is on a mission to get the country moving as he attempts to transform the rhythmically challenged into becoming street-dancing stars.


In the series we follow Lisa for 12 years, a great talent in classical ballet. With Lisa starring her class is invited to show at the Norwegian Opera. Lisa herself is restless, and getting fed all the rules of ballet. During a visit to the local youth, she spectator to a hip hop battle, and is fascinated by the free and wild dance of group AF1-All For One. Lisa tries to join in AF1, but soon discovers that hip hop is not only freely and easily as she first thought. In his quest for acceptance from AF1 violate she eventually with the ballet, and the whole performance of the opera is in jeopardy.

Hit the Stage


| Music, Dance, Reality

Idols and stars partnering up with professional dancers to compete under a given theme in all types of dance genres such as street, modern dance, dancesport, and more

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