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Pets - Wild at Heart

This show uses innovative techniques as it takes a look at the secrets of pets' behaviour. How fast can your hamster really run? Presented by David Tennant.


See the true stories of people whose homes infested by infestations from scorpions, spiders, bedbugs, rats and other scary animals.

Raised Wild

A girl on all fours snarls amid a pack of wild dogs, a filthy child is groomed by a troop of monkeys, and a small boy, surrounded by chickens, pecks at the ground in search of food. From Romulus and Remus to Mowgli and Tarzan, tales of children raised by animals have been the stuff of myth and legend for generations, but scattered among these folktales are stories of horrifying truths.

Small Animal Hospital

John Barrowman hosts the show meets different pets struggling with an array of ailments and he also finds out how a team of specialists come to their rescue. The series is based in Glasgow University's School of Veterinary Medicine.


Dogtown follows the stories of orphaned, unwanted, or problem dogs who find their way to Best Friends Animal Society. They are each rehabilitated by Dogtown volunteers and employees. Some are adopted out into forever homes. Those who don't find homes live the rest of their lives at the Dogtown facility or in foster care.

Walk on the Wild Side

Videos of the animal world are given a comedy twist with voice overs from the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Barbara Windsor and Rolf Harris.

Benji, Zax and the Alien Prince

The popular canine Benji acts as the self-appointed guide and protector of a 10-year-old alien prince and his tiny robot bodyguard.

Louisiana Lockdown

This is a groundbreaking series, providing viewers with exclusive in-depth access to a prison with a fierce reputation and distinctive setup.

Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever

The show follows the story of Grumpy Cat, a lonely cat living in a mall pet shop. She's never been chosen by customers and so has a sour outlook on life, until one day during the holidays when a 12-year-old girl named Chrystal picks her and realizes she can speak to the cat.

The Wildlife Docs

The show takes viewers inside the work of zoological professionals - including veterinarians, technicians and trainers - at Busch Gardens Tampa, as they care for thousands of exotic animals whose home is the popular tourist destination. The series showcases everything from preventive care to ground-breaking medical procedures, giving viewers the opportunity to observe what the millions of people who visit Bush Gardens each year rarely get to see. The hostess of the weekly half-hour series is actress Rachel Reenstra.

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