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The Wildlife Docs

The show takes viewers inside the work of zoological professionals - including veterinarians, technicians and trainers - at Busch Gardens Tampa, as they care for thousands of exotic animals whose home is the popular tourist destination. The series showcases everything from preventive care to ground-breaking medical procedures, giving viewers the opportunity to observe what the millions of people who visit Bush Gardens each year rarely get to see. The hostess of the weekly half-hour series is actress Rachel Reenstra.

Renovation Wild

We follow Jay Chaikin and his crew of expert builders and designers. They're on a mission to track down and repurpose the coolest vintage structures and relics, recycling them in to amazing, one-of-a-kind living spaces of the most spectacular variety.

Austin Stevens: Snakemaster

The series sees Austin interacting with different animals in their natural habitat.

The Secret Life of Elephants

Documentary series revealing the emotional and dramatic lives of elephants in Kenya's Samburu reserve.

Gentle Ben

A young Mark Wedloe once came upon a bear cub all alone. After a hunter kills the cub's mother, the young bear is brought to a reserve. Now fully grown, Mark convinces his game warden father to adopt the docile bear.

Vets in the Disaster Zone

The show follows Michael Mosley as he makes his way to the Philippines following last November's Typhoon Haiyan to find out how the disaster has affected the animals caught up in the crisis.

Puppy in My Pocket: Adventures in Pocketville

An Italian animated TV series based on the toyline of the same name. It features tiny puppy adventures as Flo (Kate/Katie in the English dub) and Magic must help the puppies of Pocketville make their way to children in the real world and try to get Princess Ava, who was beamed to the real world by her sister, Eva, back into Pocketville.

Alpha Dogs

The show will go inside the training of the special elite force of K-9s dedicated to serving the country. Each 30-minute episode of the National Geographic Wild series will explore the happenings at Indiana's Vohne Liche Kennels, one of the largest police dog training facilities in the nation.


The world of jockeys and their horse is revealed in this Animal Planet series. Go inside and find out what it takes to get into the exclusive winner's circle in this competitive realm.

My Extreme Animal Phobia

A show exploring how animals can be a source of fear for some people.

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