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Flipping 101

El Moussa mentors real estate novices to help them learn the secrets of a successful flip. With hundreds of profitable sales under his belt, El Moussa is ready to lend his expertise to those who want to win big in the competitive real estate game.

Renovation Nation

The green home building movement is unfolding in real time on each hour-long, information-packed episode of Renovation Nation, which answers the burning questions that every homeowner in America has about going green.

Robs Grote Tuinverbouwing

Rob Verlinden and his team redecorate gardens.

Bouwval Gezocht

A construction show hosted by Natasja Froger.

Mandelmann's Gard

Mandelmann's Gård is a Swedish documentary series that follows the Mandelmann family's life on the ecological farm Djupadal in Österlen.


Is it possible to build a cowboy house in solid timber if you haven't even built a birdhouse before? Dick Bewarp decides to sell his house in the city to build his own dream home - a cowboy house in the interior of Northern Sweden.

Eigen Huis & Tuin

Construction show where designs of well-known stylists and the latest trends are being examined.

Herrie in het Hotel

Herman den Blijker and mr. Reimers take a closer look at a number of failing hotels in this fourth series.

Masters de la Reforma

Masters of the reform is a talent show in which ten couples with some bond (friends, family, sentimental couples ...) compete in order to be the best amateur interior designers of the country. For this, they perform a series of tests both on the set and in external locations, spread throughout the Spanish geography. In each test, couples must reform any type of residence or location according to a theme, which changes with each challenge. Then, the jury assesses both the process and the result and chooses the couple that has to leave the contest, thus deciding which duo is the winner in the final gala.

Fantasy Homes By The Sea

Fantasy Homes by the Sea presents the beautiful backdrop, stunning vistas and dreamy lifestyle that we all hanker after, as seen through a real life property hunt.