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The Garden GurusThe Garden Gurus
Nine, 2018 | Housing/Building
Rating: 1/5

The Garden Gurus, Trevor Cochrane and the Gurus team provide expert garden advice and waterwise gardening tips for gardeners in Australia.

Bergs drömkåkBergs drömkåk

Carina and Erik are enthusiastic. Excited, they embark on new projects on their archipelago island. They have the construction manager Andreas to help them, so what can really go wrong?

Einmal Camping, immer CampingEinmal Camping, immer Camping
VOX, 2014 | Soaps, Housing/Building
Rating: 3/5

In the docu-soap, five different couples are accompanied on their "funny holiday adventures" on campsites. While the thought of spending the night in a caravan, mobile home or a simple tent in the middle of nature triggers romantic feelings in some people, others cannot in the least imagine spending cold, wet nights in a cramped living space voluntarily. Storage fever is often preprogrammed.

Die Urlauber – Auf die Koffer, fertig, los!Die Urlauber – Auf die Koffer, fertig, los!
VOX | Adventure, Housing/Building
Rating: 2/5

Three couples take up the challenge: Together they travel to one and the same vacation resort. But there they go their separate ways. Three different vacations with different travel budgets are planned for the couples. With the help of three red suitcases, a draw is then made on site to determine which couple will start their vacation in which price category. The three options are: A vacation in the low-budget category, one in the standard range and a luxury vacation. Accordingly, when packing at home, the travelers did not yet know what kind of vacation awaited them. Which couple will spend their vacation in which category?

Perfect House, Secret LocationPerfect House, Secret Location

Could you fall in love with the perfect property without knowing where it was?! Steve Jones helps families find their dream home without revealing the location.

Masterful RemodelsMasterful Remodels

There are no limits to what Danes can find in buying old buildings with a dream of rebuilding them into completely unique homes. But what do we really do if the conversion becomes a little too big a mouthful?

Rebuild Our HomeRebuild Our Home

Nicky Campbell presents as family homes are rebuilt following different tragedies.

Your Room or Mine?Your Room or Mine?

Four teams make over each other's homes to see who has the best taste in interior design.

No IdeaNo Idea

Two expert builders take on the unenviable task of building complex home furniture. If that wasn't bad enough, each construction comes with a unique challenge and time limit. Furnishing the studio apartment of two grown men, living together, has never been this much fun!

Jetzt oder nie - Wir packen's anJetzt oder nie - Wir packen's an
VOX, 2021 | Housing/Building, Documentary
Rating: 3/5

In "Jetzt oder nie - Wir packen's an", VOX shows couples who no longer feel like postponing urgent matters and suppressing the mess in and outside their own four walls. Fading out essential clean-up work or simply turning a blind eye to unpleasant tasks in everyday life - this is what the couples have perfected for themselves in "Jetzt oder nie - Wir packen's an".