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Donal's Asian Baking AdventureDonal's Asian Baking Adventure

Donal's Asian Adventure follows Irish food writer, photographer and television presenter Donal Skehan as he heads east to explore the flavours and secrets of Asian baking, with stops in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Malaysia. With Western-influenced baked goods becoming incredibly popular in the East, which is undergoing a baking explosion, Donal explores how the two cultural regions have influenced one another. Donal is inspired by the range of cakes, breads and savoury snacks on offer in Asia, where taste and presentation are equally important - this is food for the Instagram generation From the very latest pandan croissants and matcha (green tea) cakes to black sesame scones, the cheese tart craze to traditional dim sum, wedding trends and popular street snacks, Donal gathers inspiration from a range of local experts to pull together his top 20 easy recipes for fantastic Asian bakes.

Making Modern with Brooke and BriceMaking Modern with Brooke and Brice

Married duo Brooke and Brice Gilliam have flipped the script on traditional home renovation roles - with Brooke as the builder and Brice as the designer. As more clients seek out their work, they take a leap of faith to launch a home remodeling business.

No IdeaNo Idea

Two expert builders take on the unenviable task of building complex home furniture. If that wasn't bad enough, each construction comes with a unique challenge and time limit. Furnishing the studio apartment of two grown men, living together, has never been this much fun!

Jetzt oder nie - Wir packen's anJetzt oder nie - Wir packen's an
VOX, 2021 | Housing/Building, Documentary
Rating: 3/5

In "Jetzt oder nie - Wir packen's an", VOX shows couples who no longer feel like postponing urgent matters and suppressing the mess in and outside their own four walls. Fading out essential clean-up work or simply turning a blind eye to unpleasant tasks in everyday life - this is what the couples have perfected for themselves in "Jetzt oder nie - Wir packen's an".

Robs Grote TuinverbouwingRobs Grote Tuinverbouwing

Rob Verlinden and his team redecorate gardens.

Curb AppealCurb Appeal

Each week the show takes a home that may not look great from the outside and using professional designers and landscapers, transforms the house to have more appeal as people pass by. Homeowners help with the work and each step in the process is shown and explained as well as tips offered that could help other home owners improve their own "curb appeal".

The DengineersThe Dengineers

Mark and Lauren get the help of experts to design dream dens for children.

Pfusch am BauPfusch am Bau
ATV (AT), 2010 | Housing/Building
Rating: 5/5

Desperate home builders are visited in their construction ruins and try to get to the bottom of the mistakes with the help of a construction expert. Experts from the construction industry and lawyers give tips on what to look for in construction, contracts and complaints. ATV tries to get those companies in front of the camera who are responsible for the botched construction.

The Chef's ProtegeThe Chef's Protege

Three of the UK's most renowned chefs, Tom Kitchin, Theo Randall and Michel Roux Jr are returning to catering college. They're each looking for a young student to take under their wing, someone they can mentor and inspire, eventually becoming their protege. A cooking competition like no other, The Chef's Protege, centres on the relationship between apprentice and master. Over 20 episodes the series shows the day-to-day reality of the cooking industry and how the masters of today can nurture stars of tomorrow. Tom, Theo and Michel have all been helped in their careers by someone who believed in them; now they want to give someone the same chance. Each chef has a week to select and train up their strongest candidates before coming together to compete to see who has found the best protege. With most of the students still in their teens, it is up to the chefs to find a way to teach, inspire and test them without destroying their confidence or ambition - a fine line to tread when the prominent chefs are used to working with resilient professionals in their own kitchens.

Super DadSuper Dad

Father and DIY expert Taylor Calmus, along with his team of skilled builders, help aspiring DIY dads turn their kids' outrageous backyard dreams into playtime realities.