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My First SaleMy First Sale

Think buying your first place is tough? Try selling it! My First Sale takes the proven and successful docudrama format of My First Place and turns it upside down - telling the story from the seller's point of view.

Poh's KitchenPoh's Kitchen

Poh Ling Yeow is yet another living, breathing example of how coming second in a reality competition is no loss. She strolls into her very own ABC series with little more introduction than the success of MasterChef.

Too Fat for 15: Fighting BackToo Fat for 15: Fighting Back

The lives and issues of four extremely overweight teens and one pre-teen who have been brought by their families to the North Carolina campus of Wellspring Academy are examined in this series.

Little ChocolatiersLittle Chocolatiers

Katie and Steve are a little couple with a big business. They are Chocolatiers in Salt Lake City with many projects with big expectations. Katie and Steve are forced to achieve some of the hardest challenges when making chocolate.

Masterful RemodelsMasterful Remodels

There are no limits to what Danes can find in buying old buildings with a dream of rebuilding them into completely unique homes. But what do we really do if the conversion becomes a little too big a mouthful?

Nick Knowles' Original FeaturesNick Knowles' Original Features
UKTV Gold, 2010 | How To/Do It Yourself, Reality
Rating: 5/5

Nick delves into the history of homes as their owners begin restoring them to their former glory. Nick explores a different home in each episode, from a Tudor cottage in Warwickshire and a Georgian townhouse in Bath to a 1970s duplex in Surrey, revealing that each has a story to tell. To help the home owners work out their Tudor from their Georgian and their Doric from their Deco, Nick rolls up his sleeves and delves into the untouched corners of each property, educating the owners along the way. This is restoration with knobs on, as each home's transformation offers stacks of design inspiration and shopping tips. As the renovations progress, Nick researches the lives and times of all the previous residents, unearthing a rich seam of social and design history that looks at our homes in a whole new light.

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