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Treasures of Ancient Rome

This is a documentary series presented by Alastair Sooke. The Romans have always had a reputation for being brilliant engineers and soldiers, but the fact that isn't as well known is that they also created fantastic artistic treasures.

A Very British Renaissance

A documentary series which sees James Fox taking a look at the forgotten British Renaissance as he celebrates a time that saw the country give up its medieval shackles and enter into a world of cutting-edge art, literature, architecture and science.

Project Runway Poland

The show follows a group of fashion designers as they compete against each other to avoid being "the next fashion victim" and win the competition. The programme is based upon the US reality show Project Runway.

The Story Of Women And Art

The 3-episode mini-series, The Story Of Women And Art, follows Amanda Vickery as she finds out more about female creativity in Western art and why it and their works have been suppressed.

The Story of Scottish Art

In a four-part series, artist Lachlan Goudie traces the development of Scottish art from the Neolithic Era to the present day, and looks at its impact on the international art world.

Art of China

This series, presented by Andrew Graham-Dixon, takes a visit to China to uncover the history of its art.

Painting the Town

Artist Eric Dowdle creates folk-art paintings of specific destinations after visiting them. Each episode features his tour of a specific city or town, during which he learns about its people, history and unique cuisine. He also uncovers quirky facts and unusual aspects of its past. He then creates a painting about his experiences and the folks he met along the way.

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