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Pawn StarsPawn Stars

Pawn Stars is a TV series set in a pawn shop near Las Vegas, where Richard, Rick and Corey Harrison evaluate items and uncover their stories. The show features the Harrisons and their team as they haggle with customers, negotiate deals, and offer insights into the history and value of unique items.

American PickersAmerican Pickers

American Pickers is a TV series that explores the world of antique and collectible hunters, who travel across America to find rare items. The show follows the adventures of these hunters as they explore the country, looking for unique and valuable items to add to their collections.

Wheeler DealersWheeler Dealers

Mike Brewer and Ed China restore cars to sell them again in this show. Brewer, an ex-car salesman, and China, a mechanic, find and work on the perfect cars. Wheeler Dealers follows the process of car restoration, from finding the right car to fixing it up and getting it ready for sale. The show features the expertise of Brewer and China, who work together to bring old cars back to life.

Counting CarsCounting Cars
History, 2012 On Haitus | Sports, Automobiles, Buy, Sell and Trade, Reality | ► Trailer
Rating: 4.4/5

Counting Cars is a TV series about Danny Koker, who is known as The Count, and his team of car experts who restore and customize cars in Las Vegas. The show follows the team as they search for unique cars to restore and sell, while also dealing with the challenges that come with running a successful car restoration business.

The BlockThe Block

The show sees four couples compete against each other to renovate a home in an apartment block and sell it at auction for the highest price.


Fuzz Townshend and Tim Shaw restore classic cars in the UK. They are experts in automobile interventions and aim to bring beloved vehicles back to life. Car SOS follows two petrol-heads as they work to restore old cars to their former glory. Fuzz and Tim use their skills to fix up beloved vehicles across the UK.

Shipping WarsShipping Wars

Show revolves around teams of independent heavy-duty moving companies bidding for the chance to transport unshippable items, from over-sized loads to bulky packages and bizarre items.

Hardcore PawnHardcore Pawn
truTV, 2010 Cancelled/Ended | Family, Lifestyle, Buy, Sell and Trade, Reality | ► Trailer
Rating: 3.3/5

Series is following a Detroit pawn shop owner and his family as they buy and sell items to family, employees and regular customers. Set in Detroit, Les Gold takes on the pawn business with his wife and children. They will face business transactions involving prosthetic limbs and animals.

House Hunters InternationalHouse Hunters International
HGTV, 2006 Running | Housing/Building, Buy, Sell and Trade, Reality
Rating: 4.5/5

Realtors search for homes abroad for their clients in this spin-off of House Hunters. The series showcases different countries and cultures. House Hunters International follows the same format as its predecessor, but with a focus on international locations. It provides viewers with an insight into the challenges and opportunities of buying a home overseas.

House HuntersHouse Hunters
HGTV, 1999 Running | Housing/Building, Buy, Sell and Trade, Reality
Rating: 5/5

House Hunters takes you on a journey with home buyers as they search for their dream home. Follow along as they navigate through the ups and downs of the home buying process. From budget constraints to location preferences, House Hunters showcases the challenges and excitement of finding the perfect home. Tune in to see which home they ultimately choose!

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