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Del Boys and Dealers

This is a documentary series following the country's wheeler dealers.


This show sees Mel Giedroyc and Mark Hill attempting to help different collectors in crisis as they catalogue, curate, clear out and showcase their precious items.

Backroad Bounty

This show follows Bam Bam and Marty as they travel to garage sales and old barns hoping to find valuable hidden treasures.

Blade Brothers

Todd Begg is a knife-making legend with twenty years of experience turning slabs of steel into five-figure collectables.

60 Seconds To Sell

The hilarious Griffin brothers are turning real estate on its head, by selling homes in 60 Seconds!

The Game Chasers

Billy and Jay search the great state of Texas for classic games. Whether it is garage sales, flee markets, classic game stores, or under a rock......if it is retro we will find it.

Million Pound Properties

From castles to council houses, what can a million pounds buy in different parts of the UK?

Picked Off

Four teams begin with $100 each to spend on one item -- and the clock is ticking. Teams dig through barns and meet interesting characters all in pursuit of the perfect pick. It takes more than knowledge and a good eye to win this competition.

The Auction House

This show has exclusive access to the Lots Road Auction House, in Chelsea. The place is an Aladdin's cave bursting with artifacts showcasing the ever-changing taste of London's mega rich.

Dukes of Haggle

Imagine if American Pickers and Duck Dynasty had a love child. You'd have Dukes Of Haggle - the latest iteration of the still-going-strong "found money" reality TV genre.

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