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American JungleAmerican Jungle

This show follows several tight-knit clans as they hunt the old way - with knives and spears - and battle for control of their territory. On the island paradise of Hawaii, thousands of acres of untamed jungle are home to wild beasts and the men who live off the land in the ancient ways of their ancestors. Generations of families have claimed, maintained and fought over their own sacred hunting trails. When the dry season comes, wild boar, goats, feral bulls and small game crisscross the island in search for water. These clans must do whatever it takes to protect their turf.


See the true stories of people whose homes infested by infestations from scorpions, spiders, bedbugs, rats and other scary animals.

America the Wild with Casey AndersonAmerica the Wild with Casey Anderson

Naturalist Casey Anderson stars in another season of wild explorations traveling across the US to our national parks.

Renovation WildRenovation Wild

We follow Jay Chaikin and his crew of expert builders and designers. They're on a mission to track down and repurpose the coolest vintage structures and relics, recycling them in to amazing, one-of-a-kind living spaces of the most spectacular variety.

Vets in the Disaster ZoneVets in the Disaster Zone

The show follows Michael Mosley as he makes his way to the Philippines following last November's Typhoon Haiyan to find out how the disaster has affected the animals caught up in the crisis.

Orangutan IslandOrangutan Island
Animal Planet, 2007 | Wildlife, Documentary
Rating: 5/5

A group of orphaned orangutans try to live wild on an island together.

Talk to the Animals (UK)Talk to the Animals (UK)

The show follows zoologist Lucy Cooke as she takes a look into the world of animal communication. She makes her way around the world to de bunk long held myths and open our eyes to what animals can really teach us.

Macro WorldsMacro Worlds

Insects play a vital role in the ecosystem of the world. Thousands of fascinating species lurk beneath the surface of Europe and most are undiscovered and waiting to be found. A team of researchers enters the giant jungle of creatures to discover just what is beneath the soil. The little kingdom is an idyllic slice of strange beauty full of a variety of different insects -iridescent jeweled beetles, many types of bees, and other otherworldly types. Despite their tiny sizes these inhabitants play a large role in the ecosystem of the world.

Crazy MonsterCrazy Monster

Enter a world filled with the most spectacular freaks of nature on the planet. Here you will find a weird and wonderful collection of leaping spiders, snot-casting fish, blood-sucking bats, flesh-boring bugs, and other bizarre creatures occupying our land, sea, and sky. Join us as we celebrate oddities of all shapes, sizes, and species, giving an up-close view of them in their natural habitat, and revealing how these misfits of nature have developed their strange adaptations over tens of millions of years.

Rat Busters NYCRat Busters NYC

New York's toughest exterminators, Jimmy Tallman and Michael Morales of Magic Pest Control, have to fight against some serious rat infestations plaguing the city.