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My Extreme Animal PhobiaMy Extreme Animal Phobia

A show exploring how animals can be a source of fear for some people.

Cold Water CaptainsCold Water Captains

This show ventures hundreds of miles offshore in the perilous North Atlantic with six fishing crews, facing swells as tall as houses and icebergs the size of small cities. It's a dangerous job with countless challenges and ferocious weather - all of which are tough on the boats, tough on gear, tough on the human body.

Dangerous Encounters With Brady BarrDangerous Encounters With Brady Barr

Dr. Brady Barr shows a collection of his most exciting and dangerous encounters with animals.

Full Force NatureFull Force Nature

Witness the amazing destructive power of nature as cameras capture harrowing footage of flash floods, tsunamis, mudslides, ice storms and hurricanes.

Safari TracksSafari Tracks

Safari Tracks takes viewers on an African safari- focusing on African wildlife and the magnificent and mysterious world of these animals, all in their natural habitat. Follow Ushaka each and every week as we explore the African continent, from the brushlands of the African Savanna to the great Okavango delta... and beyond.

Lady HoggersLady Hoggers

With the hog population ever increasing, the task of corralling these dangerous beasts falls into the hands of a few trained experts: Gary Stamper, Christine Chreene, and Julie Snead.

The Skunk WhispererThe Skunk Whisperer

When wildlife comes in contact with humans, Ned Bruha is called in to try and remove them peacefully.

Taking on TysonTaking on Tyson

Heavyweight boxing legend and Brooklyn native Mike Tyson has always loved breeding and raising pigeons. He takes the audience on an insider's tour of the highly competitive, bizarrely fascinating subculture of pigeon racing.

Springwatch UnsprungSpringwatch Unsprung

The Springwatch team answer audience questions and give in-depth analysis of the season's wildlife.

Last FrontiersmenLast Frontiersmen

Men and women carve out lives in the unforgiving landscape of the Rocky Mountains using ancient survival skills.