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Lady HoggersLady Hoggers

With the hog population ever increasing, the task of corralling these dangerous beasts falls into the hands of a few trained experts: Gary Stamper, Christine Chreene, and Julie Snead.

Eating the EnemyEating the Enemy

Invasive species that pose a threat to local economies are turned into meals at area restaurants in communities across the U.S. by artist and restaurateur Jeff "Stretch" Rumaner.

Orangutan IslandOrangutan Island
Animal Planet, 2007 | Wildlife, Documentary
Rating: 5/5

A group of orphaned orangutans try to live wild on an island together.

Escape to Chimp EdenEscape to Chimp Eden
Animal Planet, 2008 | Wildlife, Documentary
Rating: 5/5

Caught up in the turmoil of war-torn countries, chimps frequently become orphans of the bushmeat trade, sold at markets or auctions, according to Animal Planet. Chimps also are caged for entertainment or chained as pets. With only about 150,000 chimps remaining in the wild, the chimpanzee population is being destroyed and the lives of these creatures are being degraded.

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