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The WoodsmenThe Woodsmen
History, 2015 | Lifestyle, Wildlife, Reality
Rating: 1.5/5

The Woodsmen gives viewers a look into a world they've never seen before. Hidden in the thick forests of the Pacific Northwest, a group of men have sought out the ultimate freedom-a life in the treetops far removed from the trappings of modernity. They live in primitive structures built with their own bare hands. For these men, living in the trees is the American dream. It's life on their terms, free from the encumbrances of the city and traditional 9-5 work. They each have their own reasons for dedicating themselves to the trees, but this life doesn't come easy.

Mysteries at the National ParksMysteries at the National Parks
Travel Channel, 2015 | Mystery, Horror, Wildlife, Documentary
Rating: 2.5/5

America's network of national parks represents vast, dense expanses of virtually unexplored wilderness - hotbeds for mysteries and the unexplained. Each episode delivers several haunting stories to add to the backdrop and natural beauty of some of the country's most famous national parks.

Sons of WinterSons of Winter
Discovery, 2015 | Family, Wildlife, Reality
Rating: 3/5

Meet the Barks family, homesteaders who have rejected modern living in favor of living off the grid and maintaining a prairie lifestyle in Northern Saskatchewan, a remote province in Canada. This winter, their entire world is about to change. The two eldest sons, 20-year-old Dale and 19-year-old Shane, will embark on an epic, 90-day journey hundreds of miles away from home in order to survive the unforgiving wilderness on their own.

Whale Wars: Viking ShoresWhale Wars: Viking Shores
Animal Planet, 2012 | Family, Wildlife, Reality, Documentary
Rating: 4.3/5

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society goes to extreme lengths to make illegal whaling operations extinct. Animal Planet is there to capture all the action.


From Bigfoot to Swamp Beast, Monsterquest reveals the truth of legendary monster sightings around the world. Deploying the latest in hi-tech equipment, each episode scientifically examines the best evidence available, from pictures and video, to hair and bones, as well as the eyewitness accounts themselves. From pilots to policemen to ship captains, a number of seemingly credible people have seen things they can't explain. One part history, one part science and one part monsters, MonsterQuest discovers the truth behind these legendary monsters.

BBC Three, 2011 | Wildlife, Documentary
Rating: 4.5/5

Over 80% of Madagascar's animals and plants are found nowhere else on Earth. Discover what made Madagascar so different from the rest of the world, and how evolution ran wild there.

Wolfblood UncoveredWolfblood Uncovered
CBBC, 2013 | Wildlife, Documentary
Rating: 2.5/5

The show follows Bobby Lockwood who stars in the popular fantasy drama Wolfblood as he attempts to discover everything that there is to know about wolves and to learn how their capabilities have inspired the wolfbloods in the show.

Snakes In The CitySnakes In The City
Nat Geo Wild, 2014 | Wildlife, Documentary
Rating: 3/5

The tropical city of Durban has beaches, thousands of city-dwellers, and hundreds of venomous snakes. Simon Keys is not your usual snake handler. His job is to hunt down the world's most dangerous snakes, but they're not in the wild - they are in his city. It's spring and South Africa's east coast city of Durban is under siege. After six months of hibernation, thousands of deadly snakes breach the city walls in search for a food and a mate. The snake invasion sends a wave of panic across this urban jungle and the city's last hope falls upon two unlikely heroes-Simon Keys and his wife Nadine.

Gator BoysGator Boys
Animal Planet, 2012 | Wildlife, Reality
Rating: 1/5

Paul Bedard and Jimmy Riffle are two fearless peas in a pod, and they've become Florida's go-to guys when locals find themselves crossing paths with deadly 1,000-pound reptiles in shocking locations - like master bedrooms, swimming pools or outdoor cafés!

A&E, 2011 | Drama, Action, Wildlife
Rating: 1/5

Intense, compelling and confrontational, Blackstone is an unmuted exploration of First Nations' power and politics, unfolding over nine one-hour episodes.