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Battle KittyBattle Kitty
Netflix, 2022 | Action, Adventure, Animation
Rating: 5/5

It's small. It's fluffy. It rocks a fierce pink bow. It's no ordinary kitty. It's Battle Kitty, and Kitty is using its super-strength, monster battling intuition, and amazing accessories to unlock a new battle ground.

Stuart LittleStuart Little

Stuart Little is an animated TV series based on the classic children's book and movie. It follows Stuart's adventures as a small mouse in a big world. Stuart faces many challenges, but with his wit and determination, he always finds a way to overcome them. Along the way, he makes new friends and learns valuable life lessons.


Join carefree ducks SwaySway and Buhdeuce as they deliver bread in their rocket van and get into all sorts of 'riduckulous' adventures on their home planet, Pondgea. SwaySway leads the duo in flying the van (and crashing it), while loyal and klutzy Buhdeuce has a lot of heart. Fun and bread deliveries abound on Breadwinners!

Robinsonův ostrovRobinsonův ostrov

The biggest TV adventure begins! Eighteen brave Czechs fight for two and a half million Czech crowns on the deserted island and the title of the first Czech Robinson. Their hunger, exhaustion, mutual rivalry and cruel nature are in their way.

Danger RangersDanger Rangers

This half hour animated series uses action-adventure, comedy and music to entertain, educate and empower children to Think Safe, Play Safe & Be Safe! This seven member action adventure team of animal characters teach kids the importance of safety through an action adventure episode. Each episode introduces an "arch nemesis" that never wants to play by the rules...enter the Danger Rangers to the rescue.

Hello SAHello SA

Hayley Pearson, Lauren DeCesare and Tom Rehn bring a fresh new look to Sunday. Get all the tips for a short holiday or day out and start the week right with Hello SA.

Paw PawsPaw Paws
Syndicated, 1985 | Family, Adventure, Fantasy, Animation
Rating: 5/5

Join the Paw Paws, a tribe of small bears, as they defend themselves against their enemies led by the evil sorcerer, Dark Paw. Protected by three wooden totems, Totem Bear, Totem Tortoise, and Totem Eagle, the tribe's Princess uses her Mystic Moonstone to bring them to life and defend their village.


In the beginning, Horus the falcon god of light and Set the god of evil fought to control Egypt. The council of the Gods decided, Set was sent to exile and Horus became the first pharaoh of Egypt. For two thousand years, pharaoh succeeded pharaoh. But Set had plotted his revenge, and deep inside his sinister black pyramid of Ombos, Set imprisoned Horus in a magic sarcophagus. From then on, and no longer protected by the god Horus, Egypt was at the mercy of Set and his servant Aker. So the gods chose Papyrus, a young fisherman who must find the secret entrance to Ombos, free the god Horus and restore peace to Egypt.

Om Nom StoriesOm Nom Stories

The adventures of Om Nom, the cute little green monster from Cut the Rope.

I Am a SurvivorI Am a Survivor
tvN, 2020 | Adventure

"I'm a Survivor" focuses on teaching celebrities how to survive in a crisis situation under the instruction of Park Eun-ha, a former non-commissioned officer of the 707th Counterterrorist Special Mission Battalion. Her charges are actress Kim Sung-ryung, former boxer and actress Lee Si-young, comedian Kim Min-kyung, former announcer Oh Jeong-yeon, fencing Olympic gold medalist Kim Ji-yeon and K-pop group (G)I-dle member Yuqi, who all hail from different backgrounds and age groups.