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Wild Birds of Australia

Australia is a vast island-continent of diverse habitats-including beaches, deserts, grasslands, and tropical forests-that make it a haven for many unusual and rare bird species. From its largest bird of prey, the wedge-tailed eagle, to the emu, an implausible flightless wonder, take an aerial odyssey through the lives of some of Australia's amazing avian ambassadors.

Morocco To Timbuktu: An Arabian Adventure

Timbuktu - a place so mysterious, mythical and far, far away that it has become a legendary destination. Alice Morrison, Arabist, writer, explorer and Marrakech resident, follows what was once one of the world's richest trading networks - the infamous salt roads - across north Africa from the top of Morocco to the fabled sandstone city of Timbuktu. Trekking 2,000 miles across some of the deadliest landscapes on earth, Alice journeys deep into the history, culture and civilisation of both ancient and modern north Africa.

The Living Beach

Where do waves come from, and why are they always parallel to the shore, no matter which way the shore faces? THE LIVING BEACH highlights the world's most unique and amazing beaches, and reveals how physics, nature and our own interactions contribute to the creation and evolution of these coastlines.

Venice: The Whole Story

The whole story of the rise and fall of Venice and the desperate race against time to save the spectacular sinking city. Using the multi-million euro renovation of Rialto Bridge by fashion entrepreneur Renzo Rosso (Diesel) as a starting point, this special tells the entire story of Venice; from its maritime republic beginnings to the groundbreaking efforts to save the sinking city.

Ken Burns: American Lives


| Documentary

Ken Burns' American Lives is a collection of outstanding biographies and stories of some of America's most celebrated pioneers and historical figures. The collection includes biographies of Thomas Jefferson, Frank Lloyd Wright, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, Mark Twain, Horatio Nelson Jackson, Lewis and Clark, and boxer Jack Johnson.

Alloo bij


| Documentary

"May we bother you in the coming months", that question Luk Alloo asked earlier this year to several interesting Flemish people who are very much in the news. And most of them said yes wholeheartedly. Together with his camera team, he was for months the shadow of Studio 100 boss Gert Verhulst, success author Pascale Naessens, columnist Jan Mulder and top chef Sergio Herman, among others. Luk asks them about their work, their lives and takes them to places in their past that are still important to them. Television that will adjust your own image of these famous people anyway.

ETA, el final del silencio

El 7 de junio de 1968, ETA asesinaba al Guardia Civil José Pardines. El 3 de mayo de 2018, un comunicado de la banda terrorista anunciaba la disolución de sus estructuras. Entre esas dos fechas, 50 años de terror, miedo, dolor, treguas, negociaciones y 826 muertes. Jon Sistiaga nos sitúa cara a cara ante el cambio político y social que ha tenido lugar en el medio siglo de existencia de ETA, realizando un homenaje a las diferentes víctimas del terrorismo que azotó a nuestro país. Contaremos sus historias individuales y colectivas, y a través de sus ojos entenderemos mejor el conflicto y la fortaleza y valentía de la sociedad española, que sumadas a las investigaciones policiales y a los errores de los terroristas, sumaron la fuerza necesaria para que el fin de la banda fuese posible. Porque, afortunadamente, por fin se puede hablar.

Pet Vet Dream Team

Pet Vet Dream Team follows talented veterinarians Dr. Lisa Chimes and Dr. Andrew Marchevsky of the Small Animal Specialist Hospital (SASH), where they deal with compelling cases of ailing and injured pets. Viewers also see exotic animal expert Tim Faulkner in action at the Australian Reptile Park, where he cares for animals big and small, from crocodiles to koalas. Together, these three authorities race to cure their furry and feathered charges-educating viewers on a range of medical procedures and zoological practices along the way. As viewers catch a behind-the-scenes look at the veterinary profession, they also learn responsibility and empathy for animals of all kinds through the passionate work of the Pet Vet Dream Team.

College Behind Bars

A stark and intimate journey through maximum and medium security prisons in New York State, diving into one of the most pressing issues of our time - our failure to provide meaningful rehabilitation for the over two million Americans living behind bars. Through the personal stories of the students and their families, the film reveals the transformative power of higher education and puts a human face on America's criminal justice crisis.

British Police: Our Toughest Cases

Rav Wilding meets with officers from around the UK as they relive some of their most intense cases. These cases had an impact of entire communities and defined many careers. Plus, witnesses, victims and relatives share their experiences.