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Shaun Micallef's Stairway to Heaven

Envious of those with 'unshakeable faith', comedian and writer Shaun Micallef journeys across the globe immersing himself into some of the world's most unique beliefs. This is his adventure out of suburban Australia on a quest to find the meaning of life itself.

The Story of Wales

Huw Edwards presents a major television history of Wales, showing the country in ways it has never been seen before.

Best Walks with a View with Julia Bradbury


| Documentary

Julia Bradbury chooses her favourite countryside treks that anyone can do, any time of the day.

Lindy Chamberlain: The True Story


| Documentary

In a Network 10 exclusive, 40 years after Azaria Chamberlain's disappearance, Lindy and her children speak exclusively and in detail, about that harrowing night and the devastating years that followed. From the hatred and discrimination the family endured to Lindy's years in prison, nothing is off limits in this powerful and moving documentary. As the country's most infamous cases of miscarried justice, we will also hear from crucial eyewitnesses who have stood by Lindy every step of the way and maintained her innocence.

Toms Engeland

Television presenter Tom Egbers travels around England, the country where his mother was born. He used to spend every summer vacation there and still loves it dearly. Like many people, he was surprised by Brexit. In this documentary series he tries to find out what changed in England compared to the days of his youth, and if he can still recognize the country as it is today.

Wild Nile

Wonders of a trip down the Nile.


This is an educational public affairs program of Radio-Canada television on food, be it consumption or nutritional value. It is also a useful food guide.

Ireland with Ardal O'Hanlon

Comic actor Ardal O'Hanlon explores the emerald isle and Irish life as he tours his beloved homeland.

The Year Of Making Love

A documentary series which follows an experiment creating 500 new couples using the power of science.

The Spice Trail

Spice is life to the merchants, growers and traders of the plants that add valuable flavour to our food, and it is that story that is told in the three-part documentary The Spice Trail. The main presenter is Kate Humble, who looks at the history of the spice trade, along with its mythology and use.