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Secret PrincesSecret Princes

TLC explores what happens when four members of international royalty leave their countries to live, work and search for love.

Secrets of Wild AustraliaSecrets of Wild Australia
Other, 2018 | Documentary
Rating: 3/5

Dive into the secret and surprising lives of some of Australia's signature wildlife. From mini marsupials to flying foxes, join these extraordinary creatures thriving in the otherworldly landscapes of this astonishing island-continent.

Secrets of the ScammersSecrets of the Scammers

From online swindles to phone scams, Alexis Conran discovers how fraudsters manage to con people out of their hard-earned cash.

Trawlermen TalesTrawlermen Tales
ITV, 2016 | Documentary

Series following the fishermen of Newlyn and the families that they leave on shore when they go to work.

World's Greatest PalacesWorld's Greatest Palaces

World's Greatest Palaces takes a behind the scenes look through the corridors of power in ten of the most opulent and historic royal residences on Earth. We reveal the stories behind the Kings and Queens who lived in these grand homes and uncover the secrets of the architects, engineers and courtiers who brought them to life. Palaces like London's Hampton Court, where Henry VIII changed the course of history in his pursuit of Anne Boleyn; Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna where the six year old, boy genius, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart performed for the imperial family in 1862; and Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, a palace so beautiful that tourists are willing to trek through the Bavarian mountains just to catch a glimpse of it.

The Culture ShowThe Culture Show

A weekly magazine show broadcast on Tuesday nights on BBC Two, the show mainly focuses on the latest developments in the worlds of film, music, art, fashion and the performing arts.


Why is Scandinavia considered the happiest place in the world? A look at Sweden, Denmark, and Norway gives us some clues.

The Hunt For Hitler's Missing MillionsThe Hunt For Hitler's Missing Millions

In one of the most astonishing untold stories of the 20th century, Channel 5 reveals how a team of British intelligence officers found Hitler's will and examines the subsequent quest to uncover the extent of the Führer's wealth and to find his money. For the first time on television, Hermann Rothman recounts his part in the story. A German Jew now in his 90s, Rothman fled Hitler's tyranny just before the war started and was assigned to the British Counter Intelligence Corps for the duration.

Made in YorkshireMade in Yorkshire

Made in Yorkshire explores behind the scenes of some of the region's top food brands and sees John Prescott experience life on the factory floor.

Deadly PowerDeadly Power

Examining the twisted and true stories where people in positions of power and prominence take advantage of their authority to commit heinous acts of crime, all stemming from their control and unyielding power.