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Great Ormond StreetGreat Ormond Street

Great Ormond Street sees the cameras following Great Ormond Street Hospital's doctors as they comedeal with the most difficult ethical dilemmas on a daily basis.

British Army GirlsBritish Army Girls

This is a documentary series following 47 women through the British Army's grueling 14-week training period.

Major League LegendsMajor League Legends

They were mythical gods of the stadium who symbolized the American Dream. No one in baseball could match the power, the popularity, the consistency, or the durability of Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, and Lou Gehrig. But their accomplishments on the field only tell part of their remarkable stories. Narrated by Martin Sheen, Major League Legends goes beyond the highlight reels. Join us as we examine these men's lives before, during, and after they came up to the plate and swung their way into American history.

America: Promised LandAmerica: Promised Land

The epic history behind the creation of America, exploring how and why our ancestors came to this country. Examine the massive immigration patterns of ethnic groups to the United States through the telling of historical events including the Dutch Fur Trade, the Great Potato Famine, the California Gold Rush and more.


Enquête (lit. "Inquest") is a Canadian French-language television newsmagazine series, which airs weekly on Ici Radio-Canada Télé and Ici RDI. The show is anchored by Marie-Maude Denis, and includes contributions from journalists Hélène Courchesne, Josée Dupuis, Sylvie Fournier, Guy Gendron, Normand Grondin, Solveig Miller, Madeleine Roy, Françoise Stanton, Pascale Turbide and Julie Vaillancourt.

Once Upon A Time In PunchbowlOnce Upon A Time In Punchbowl

The show takes a look at the story the Lebanese Australian community has faced in the country and how they have fought to overcome them.

1 TV, 1970 | Documentary
Rating: 3/5

From foot soldiers to fighter pilots, step into the shoes of those who fought for one of the largest armies in history. This series highlights ordinary foot soldiers, intelligence officers, mine pickers, gunners, tank men, marines, alpine and airborne raiders and fighter and attack aviation pilots whose role in the Allied victory over the Nazis played a crucial part in the war effort. Using the latest computer graphics and technology, viewers witness the combat equipment design, tactics and strategy of conducting a battle. Rare newsreel shots and the reconstruction of the events allow viewers to feel they are being transported back to the battlegroud, allowing them to see war through a soldier's eyes.


This brand new and exclusive series features the invasive species and pests who threaten our forests, waterways, food supplies and cities. The series gives an intimate, close-up picture of each species, investigates why they are a concern, and examines current and past infestations and possible future threats. Each episode highlights the role played by dedicated scientists who are attempting to tackle the challenges presented by each species. In as many cases as possible, stories of individuals who have been personally affected and who often pay a hefty price, are revealed. Each segment touches upon the micro (single farm, backyard, house, etc) as well as the global effects, including globalisation trends, global warming, broad economic impact, food crisis, political stability and the spread of disease.

Desert VetDesert Vet
Nine, 2019 | Documentary

From the wild West of Australia comes the story of Red Dog's vet, Rick Fenny, and his network of vets who encounter extraordinary animal stories while working in the most remote places in Australia.

Pet Vet Dream TeamPet Vet Dream Team
CBS, 2018 | Documentary

Pet Vet Dream Team follows talented veterinarians Dr. Lisa Chimes and Dr. Andrew Marchevsky of the Small Animal Specialist Hospital (SASH), where they deal with compelling cases of ailing and injured pets. Viewers also see exotic animal expert Tim Faulkner in action at the Australian Reptile Park, where he cares for animals big and small, from crocodiles to koalas. Together, these three authorities race to cure their furry and feathered charges-educating viewers on a range of medical procedures and zoological practices along the way. As viewers catch a behind-the-scenes look at the veterinary profession, they also learn responsibility and empathy for animals of all kinds through the passionate work of the Pet Vet Dream Team.