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The Cupcake GirlsThe Cupcake Girls

This new series follows best friends and business partners Heather and Lori in their hectic and often hilarious journey to build a cupcake empire. If you think running a chain of cupcake stores is a piece of cake, watch Heather and Lori discover that the recipe for success doesn't come easy. With the fate of their business and their friendship at stake, Heather and Lori compel us to ask: Can women in business have their cupcakes and eat them too?

Outback EROutback ER
ABC (AU), 2015 | Documentary
Rating: 5/5

From the red earth of Broken Hill comes this eight x half hour observational documentary series looking at one of the most unique emergency departments in the country, the Broken Hill Base Hospital.

Safari TracksSafari Tracks

Safari Tracks takes viewers on an African safari- focusing on African wildlife and the magnificent and mysterious world of these animals, all in their natural habitat. Follow Ushaka each and every week as we explore the African continent, from the brushlands of the African Savanna to the great Okavango delta... and beyond.

Bushwhacked! BugsBushwhacked! Bugs

Come on a journey to a hidden world that's right under our noses, where the impossible is possible & even the tiniest things can be epic! Hosted by Kamil Ellis & featuring ten kids who love bugs, this is a mini-Bushwhacked!

What Would Be Your Miracle?What Would Be Your Miracle?

Emma Willis follows families whose lives have been transformed by modern medicine.

Storm WranglersStorm Wranglers

Storm Tracker Kelley Williamson and partner Randy Yarnall go head-to-head with every storm imaginable including powerful tornadoes and supercell thunderstorms. The Missourian duo truly love tracking storms and it comes across in a down-home, authentic way. Kelley, a farmer by trade, started storm tracking after his wife Carol got caught in an EF4 tornado in 2008. The twister picked up her van, and as a result, she nearly broke every bone in her body. The incident ignited Kelley's passion, and he is the eyes and ears on the ground for The Weather Channel when our viewers need it most.

De ErfgenaamDe Erfgenaam

In the new show "De Erfgenaam" ["The Heir"] Ruben Nicolai searches for the rightful heirs of deceased persons who leave behind an inheritance, the heir to which is not found. Ruben is aided in his quest by inheritance law expert and genealogist Klaas Zondervan. Nicolai seeks to uncover the family stories behind these unknown inheritances, a journey that takes him all over the world, producing moving, funny and poignant moments. His goal is to deliver the funds to the rightful heirs before they become time-barred (after 20 years) and disappear into the Dutch Treasury.

Stories of ImpactStories of Impact

Unique human stories and critical perspectives that bring to life the "Big Questions" of life, to positively impact lives around the world.

Generation AstronautGeneration Astronaut

This is a groundbreaking documentary special that sees ordinary men and women from across the globe competing against each other for the chance to live the dreams of a generation. Following more than 100 winners from over 60 countries as they strive to win one of 23 tickets to space aboard the Lynx shuttle in 2015, GENERATION ASTRONAUT showcases a week of intense competition at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, under the tutelage of a judging panel including legendary astronaut, Buzz Aldrin. This one-hour programme follows the hopes and dreams of the recruits as they bid to earn the journey of a lifetime - and make history.

London LiveLondon Live

Listen up, London's calling. Discover the newest musical acts before the next guy does and hear the next song to import straight to your play list. Experience UK's exploding music scene for yourself in this live performance showcase.