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The UndriveablesThe Undriveables

The show sees some of the country's worst learner drivers being paired up with leading instructors to see if they can finally pass their driving test.

Sweets Made SimpleSweets Made Simple

The show follows Kitty Hope and Mark Greenwood, who run an award-winning confectionary business as they travel around the UK searching for ingredients for new recipes.

The Jim Rose Twisted TourThe Jim Rose Twisted Tour

Take a look inside the brave, yet bizarre, world of extreme performance with The Jim Rose Twisted Tour. Peopled with unique human beings who are imbued with warped talents, ringleader Jim Rose and his eccentric troupe, the Jim Rose Circus, traverse the USA and reveal the ups and downs of touring on the road in this off the wall reality TV series.

Tom's Fantastic Floating HomeTom's Fantastic Floating Home

The series follows Tom Lawton as he transforms a derelict old boat into a fantastic and magical floating home, filled with different practical inventions.

I Want That CarI Want That Car

This show is presented by Mat Watson and Rebecca Jackson. They show the viewers at home some of the most iconic motor racing circuits in Britain. They also explain how to spot a bargain whilst offering an insight into some of the gems and classics available on the used car market.

Mexico: Earth's Festival of LifeMexico: Earth's Festival of Life

Mexico: Earth's Festival of Life is a landmark series revealing Mexico's astonishing wildlife, landscape and culture in three distinct worlds - great mountain ranges, tropical forests and scorching deserts.

Por el mundo a los 80Por el mundo a los 80

A group of six dreamers whose ages are around 80 years have decided to join the journey of their lives to know the world and leave their mark on it. These not-so-young adventurers, led by Arturo Valls, have barely left their homes and are now going around the world along with a group of strangers. They will leave their lives behind to start a new one by immersing themselves in very different cultures and living with their people. In addition, in each country one of the dreams that our travelers left along the way will be fulfilled. Because there is something that unites them, their desire to enjoy life. A unique experience in a unique moment of their lives.

De Haven van RotterdamDe Haven van Rotterdam

Discovery Channel (NL) gives viewers an exclusive look inside the port of Rotterdam.

Davina McCall: Life at the ExtremeDavina McCall: Life at the Extreme
ITV, 2016 | Documentary

Davina travels to some of the hottest, coldest, deepest and wettest places around the world to discover the extraordinary animals that live there.

Medicine or Myth?Medicine or Myth?

Are the benefits of alternative remedies simply a myth or do they have a place alongside modern medicine? Renowned Australian Neurosurgeon Dr. Charlie Teo leads a panel of medical experts aiming to discover if the diverse health remedies of everyday Australians can actually be viable treatments for a range of common ailments. From the everyday to the extreme, cultural traditions to controversial discoveries, these experts explore the stories and claims behind each remedy before selecting the most compelling cases for further investigation in real-world trials.