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Between the Wars: 1918-1941 (aka The Road to World War II)

Documentary producer Alan Landsburg Productions created this series of 16 programs, with post-production at Neiman-Tillar Associates, about the history of diplomacy from 1919 - 1941 and how the world failed to learn the lessons of World War I which inevitably led to World War II. This classic series follows the events that sparked the greatest conflict of the century, capturing the drama, the excitement and the ideological juxtapositions of these crucial years. Former CBS News correspondent and commentator Eric Sevareid, one of the world's most respected figures in journalism, presents this extraordinary series featuring stunning original newsreels, soundtracks, and rare archival footage. While America enjoyed itself in the Roaring Twenties, the world was changing. It was the era of Lucky Lindy, bootleg, Babe Ruth, Valentino and assembly-line Fords. It was also the time of market collapse, Klan meetings, demagogues abroad, Red Scares at home and bread lines. The best of times, the worst of times, and the times in which the United States reluctantly moved center stage. Between the Wars is an innovative 16-part series that examines this crucial time as it progressed from the Armistice in 1918 to the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. Tour the globe and revisit all the crucial sites from the U.S., Japan, Russia and Europe. See and hear Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt like never before. Host Eric Sevareid: He was there! Pioneering newsman Eric Sevareid was, for many, the voice of World War II. He was the first correspondent to report the French surrender to Germany, and was in the thick of combat throughout the Second World War. Uniquely qualified and knowledgeable, Eric Sevareid delivers the intensity and authenticity of someone who was present at every turn.


Presented in stunning 4K resolution Ultra-high-definition television, Miniverse features jaw-dropping imagery: the sun up-close-and-personal over Long Island, Mars over New York's Freedom Tower, and Jupiter with its fierce red spot hanging ominously over the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. And then, there is the thrill of carefully navigating massive flying boulders at highway speed as Hadfield guides his car skillfully through an asteroid belt.

The Force: The Story of Scotland's Police

Landmark documentary series telling the long history of keeping Scotland's peace, combining powerful testimony from retired officers with astonishing archive.

Ancient Greece: The Greatest Show on Earth

Classicist Dr Michael Scott journeys to Athens to explore how drama first began. He discovers that from the very start it was about more than just entertainment - it was a reaction to real events, it was a driving force in history and it was deeply connected to Athenian democracy. In fact, the story of theatre is the story of Athens.

Living A Nightmare

Imagine facing a situation so tragic that one convinces themselves they must be adrift in a nightmare. However, the realization soon comes crashing down that this is no dream - it's murder. LIVING A NIGHTMARE tells the stories of real people who face the surreal horror of losing loved ones to vicious crimes. With every tick of the clock, detectives work to seek justice for the families, all while never forgetting the victims whose own dreams were so callously interrupted.

The Executioners

They were cobblers, salesmen, barbers and landlords. Working men. Yet they were anything but ordinary. They were the State's part-time killers; the hangmen.

Deadliest Tech

A series examining advances in military technology in the air, on land and at sea.

The Last Miners

Two-part documentary following the workers at Kellingley Colliery in North Yorkshire, the last deep coal mine in Britain, as it prepares to close.

X-Ray Earth

Beneath our feet, under trillions of tons of rock, lurk astonishing and deadly secrets. Earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions are all driven by hidden forces deep inside our planet. Now, using the latest scientific data from sensors and surface scans, we can x-ray the earth to reveal the dangers locked inside our planet. Using thousands of sensors and state of the art surface scan information, for the first time, we can create x-rays of the deep interior of our planet.

Great British Gardens: Season by Season with Carol Klein

Carol Klein witnesses some of Britain's most treasured outdoor spaces throughout the four seasons.