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Jump City: SeattleJump City: Seattle

Four teams with the greatest talents of parkour and free-running compete against each other in an eight week competition in order to find the best of the best.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth IsPut Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Two well-known experts from the world of antiques go head-to-head over a week of challenges to find out who can make the most profit buying and selling collectibles.

Wetten, dass..?Wetten, dass..?
ZDF, 1981 | Comedy, Music, Game Show
Rating: 5/5

Wetten, dass..? is a German-language entertainment television show. The core gimmick of the show was the bets: ordinary people offer to perform some unusual (often bizarre) and very difficult task. The other major attraction of the show was the top-ranking celebrity guests. Each of the guests had to bet on the outcome of one of the performances and offer a wager, in recent years usually a humorous or mildly humiliating, originally more charitable, activity to be carried out if they lose. Until 1987, each of the celebrities bet on all the performances and the most accurate one was selected to be that show's Wettkönig ("bet king"). Ever since, one of the people performing the task is selected by a telephone vote.

Het BlokHet Blok
NET 5, 2011 | Game Show

Under the guidance of Erik van der Hoff and Renate Verbaan, they renovate' apartments somewhere in Amsterdam.

Think TankThink Tank

This is a quiz show where a regular cast of contributors aim to help three contestants through a series of questions hoping they can win thousands of pounds. Ahead of each show, the regular cast from across the nation answer hundreds of general knowledge questions. Their answers form the quiz and will hopefully prove more of a help than a hindrance as the three contestants try to answer the questions correctly. After their knowledge has been tested to the max, the winning contestant then faces 'Question: Impossible', which stumped the whole Think Tank team. Using their wrong answers to eliminate obvious errors, can the contestant go one better and win a huge cash prize?

Fist of ZenFist of Zen
MTV | Reality, Game Show
Rating: 5/5

"Fist Of Zen" is a new MTV program which aims to help some innocent Westerners to find the right path, and win some cash on the way. In each episode you will see a group of 5 friends having to deal with 10 tough tests painstakingly chosen by the elderly, powerful and slightly senile Zen master.

Date My Ex: Jo & SladeDate My Ex: Jo & Slade

The Real Housewives of Orange County alum Jo De La Rosa is looking for love, and has enlisted the help of ex-husband Slade Smiley. Jo is living the high life in L.A. pursuing a singing career, but her friends think it's time she starts dating again. Her friends are setting her up with eligible guys, but the catch is all the men must live with and endure a serious grilling from Smiley, who remains Jo's trusted friend-but are his intentions good? Jo will choose one suitor from each episode who will move on to the next round until she is left with only one at the end of the season.

On the Spot (2014)On the Spot (2014)

Rooster Teeth's official game show! A live half hour of fast-paced laughs as host Jon Risinger puts two RT teams on the spot for points and mayhem.

Unzipped (2012)Unzipped (2012)

A comedy British television programme broadcast on BBC Three. It is presented by Greg James and Russell Kane. In the show, presenters Greg and Russell try to find out what is weird and wonderful about the people of Britain.


Hosted by Mel Giedroyc, Letterbox is a gameshow where pairs of contestants go head to head to crack a series of passwords in an attempt to take home £2,500 in cash. As the contestants solve the passwords, they win letters that help them later in the game. These letters better their chances of cracking the final password which unlocks the letterbox holding the cash prize. But if they end up as the losing pair along the way, they have to surrender all the letters they have won to the winning pair, who then go through to the semi-final. This simple yet addictive word game, created by David Young, producer of The Weakest Link and Eggheads, is designed to be played along at home with friends and family - can they solve the mystery word and crack open the letterbox?