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Crash GamesCrash Games
Prosieben, 2014 | Game Show
Rating: 5/5

Ambitious guys, daring women, crash action games: In the physical game show "Crash Games - every fall counts!" three duos in self-designed fighting outfits face five tricky obstacles. Every failed attempt, every fall brings minus points. The two teams with the lowest number of minus points move on to the finals.

I Want My Phone BackI Want My Phone Back

I Want My Phone Back is an American game show web television series.

Do or DareDo or Dare

Mousetrap mishaps, velcro speed skating and swinging T-Rexes are just the tip of the iceberg on Do or Dare. Watch your favorite celebrities go head-to-head, completing the craziest dares you've ever seen on a game show-all in the name of charity.

Koning VoetbalKoning Voetbal
RTL 7, 2013 | Game Show

Monday the 18th of November Jack Spijkerman, Johnny de Mol and Viggo Waas will start the soccer knowledge quiz Koning Voetbal. All assignments, facts and questions will have something to do with the 'most important side issue in life: soccer. The goal is to find out who is most knowledgeable about soccer or who scores with a good remark. The line-up is as follows: Jack is the host and Johnny and Viggo are both team captains. They will battle each other, every week helped by a well-known (ex) professional soccer player and a BN'er with an above average love for soccer. At the beginning a coin flip will determine which pair will battle with which team captain.

Ready to beef!Ready to beef!

In the VOX cooking show "Ready to beef", the star chefs Tim Mälzer and Tim Raue ask for a culinary battle for fame and honor: Two professional chefs from completely different regions of Germany dare to enter the ring with their own team and their own philosophy for a furious cooking competition. Because instead of carefully selecting the ingredients of a dish with measure and leisure and seasoning them finely, the renowned chefs at "Ready to beef" are tremendously electrified. In three rounds of 10 to 20 minutes each, the cooking teams are given one or two completely unexpected products at the beginning, which they then have to use as the main ingredient in their dish. While they are cooking, they are surrounded by feverish food fans who transform the scene into a cauldron. Tim Mälzer is the host and moderator of the fast-paced Kochfights. Star chef Tim Raue is also part of the party and acts as referee.

Unbeatable BanzukeUnbeatable Banzuke
G4, 2008 | Reality, Game Show

Unbeatable Banzuke is a "crazy" Japanese game show. It comprises of 20 challenging obstacle courses varying from doing hand stands to riding bikes.

Dame Edna's Neighbourhood WatchDame Edna's Neighbourhood Watch

Dame Edna's Neighbourhood Watch was a 1992 comic game show. Is nothing too private or too sacred? "Welcome to the dame show that's a game show." With her familiar greeting of "Welcome, possums!!," Dame Edna uses her purple possum picker to find three contestants from an all-female audience. Unbeknownst to the three, a camera crew is poised in front of one of their homes, ready to invade her bedrooms and bathrooms, her drawers and cabinets. Dame Edna's camera crew peeps into every nook and cranny accompanied, of course, by her biting and witty commentary. Embarrassing? You bet!

Give Us A ClueGive Us A Clue
ITV, 1979 | Game Show

Give Us A Clue was a popular British TV show where celebrities competed in a game of charades. The show was known for its hilarious moments and high energy performances. Each week, the show featured a new team of celebrities who would try to guess the clues given by their teammates. The show was a hit with audiences and ran for several years.


One contestant has the chance to take home thousands of pounds, with the help from 10 members of the British Public aka 'Benchmarkers'. They have to answer a series of difficult numerical general knowledge questions with their answers setting the benchmark and then all the contestant has to do is decide whether the correct answer is higher or lower than the previous one.

Wedding Day WinnersWedding Day Winners

Wedding Day Winners is a thrilling TV series where two couples compete to win fabulous prizes, a dream honeymoon, and an extraordinary wedding ceremony. No one goes home empty-handed as each couple wins a host of prizes, happy memories, and most importantly, the love of their life.