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Masters de la ReformaMasters de la Reforma

Masters of the reform is a talent show in which ten couples with some bond (friends, family, sentimental couples ...) compete in order to be the best amateur interior designers of the country. For this, they perform a series of tests both on the set and in external locations, spread throughout the Spanish geography. In each test, couples must reform any type of residence or location according to a theme, which changes with each challenge. Then, the jury assesses both the process and the result and chooses the couple that has to leave the contest, thus deciding which duo is the winner in the final gala.

Beginner gegen GewinnerBeginner gegen Gewinner
Prosieben, 2017 | Game Show
Rating: 4/5

Professional athletes, Olympic champions and World or European champions compete in their favorite disciplines against amateur candidates in sporting duels. So that the amateurs have a chance, they can choose one of three handicaps before the duel, which is imposed on the professional during the duel.

Schlag den RaabSchlag den Raab
Prosieben, 2006 | Game Show
Rating: 5/5

Schlag den Raab is a live game show airing on the German television channel ProSieben on Saturday evenings. A total of six shows are produced and broadcast each year. A candidate who can beat Stefan Raab in a number of disciplines wins the jackpot.

Schlag den HensslerSchlag den Henssler
Prosieben, 2017 | Game Show
Rating: 4/5

As the successor to Stefan Raab, TV chef Steffen Henssler faces his challengers in this live game show lasting several hours. Elton leads through the actual duel, in which sporting competitions alternate with knowledge and skill games.

Schlag den BestenSchlag den Besten
Prosieben, 2019 | Action, Sports, Game Show
Rating: 3/5

Two non-prominent people compete against each other in different disciplines such as sports, knowledge, skill, tactics or luck. The winner of the show receives 50.000 € and competes against a new candidate in the next show so that he can increase his profit by another 50.000 €.

Do or DareDo or Dare

Mousetrap mishaps, velcro speed skating and swinging T-Rexes are just the tip of the iceberg on Do or Dare. Watch your favorite celebrities go head-to-head, completing the craziest dares you've ever seen on a game show-all in the name of charity.

Beat the BoxBeat the Box
VOX, 2018 | Game Show
Rating: 5/5

In the VOX quiz documentary "Beat the Box", friends, couples or families experience a very special game night. In their own living rooms, four teams open a box that is filled to the brim with tricky tasks and witty games. These can be music puzzles, knowledge and estimation questions, but also action and skill games. Which team shows considerable general knowledge, consistent nerve strength and quick reflexes?

The Island (NL)The Island (NL)

The innovative program Net5 The Island 15 participants go to the ultimate survival challenge. No games, no dropouts, no eliminations. Only the question of life or death; survive in its purest form. Participants are dropped off on a deserted island and must look for food, water and shelter with nothing but the clothes they wear. They are completely reliant on themselves, in fact, there is even no crew or film crew present. They film everything themselves! Participants of The Island are completely isolated on a tropical island where they must find a month to survive solely what nature has to offer them. Can the modern man of today can still save their own resources and knowledge? The physical, mental and emotional borders are hereby gigantic tested.

Dame Edna's Neighbourhood WatchDame Edna's Neighbourhood Watch

Dame Edna's Neighbourhood Watch was a 1992 comic game show. Is nothing too private or too sacred? "Welcome to the dame show that's a game show." With her familiar greeting of "Welcome, possums!!," Dame Edna uses her purple possum picker to find three contestants from an all-female audience. Unbeknownst to the three, a camera crew is poised in front of one of their homes, ready to invade her bedrooms and bathrooms, her drawers and cabinets. Dame Edna's camera crew peeps into every nook and cranny accompanied, of course, by her biting and witty commentary. Embarrassing? You bet!

World Poker TourWorld Poker Tour

As the name suggests, the World Poker Tour features not just a single event, but a collection of prestigious tournaments played in top casinos and card rooms across the globe, including the glamorous Bellagio in Las Vegas and the Aviation Club de France in Paris. It all leads up to the WPT Championship finale where the "survivor" walks away with more than $1 million. But that's just a fraction of the money up for grabs over the course of the series. In March 2005 the WPT hit a $100 Million Milestone in money awarded in tournaments to participants that ranged from seasoned pros to college students. The WPT widened the television audience for poker by injecting cutting-edge television production values into the dramatic world of high-stakes, upscale, tournament poker. With its innovative WPT cams revealing the player's hole cards and take no-prisoners brand of poker action, the WPT ignited the world's poker phenomenon. Making viewers feel as if they were sitting in the seat making the million-dollar decision By projecting poker's true image-a stylish and exhilarating sport combining cunning, skill, and nerve-the WPT has revolutionized televised poker and created a mainstream sports sensation. The show rapidly became the highest rated show in the history of the Travel Channel. In the U.S., it airs every Wednesday night at 9 p.m. ET/PT on the Travel Channel and is also viewed in more than 100 countries worldwide.