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PoliticsNation is a Sunday morning news program hosted by Rev. Al Sharpton that features politicos to a-list entertainers, but also focuses on under-reported stories that need a national platform like education, voting, and criminal justice.

The Late Late Show (Ireland)

The Late Late Show is Ireland's most popular and prestigious television show and is the longest running chat show in the world. Originally conceived as a short filler programme for the summer schedule in 1962 on the then fledgling Irish broadcaster Telefís Éireann, The Late Late Show has gone on to become an Irish institution and today is still the most popular programme on television in Ireland. Pat Kenny became host of The Late Late Show in September 1999, taking over from Gay Byrne. Gay was the programme's first presenter in 1962, and apart from one season when Frank Hall presented the show while Gay worked with the BBC, it was a continuous run of almost 37 years.

Fantasy Football Hour '17

Lauren Gardner, Brad Evans and Nate Lundy analyze who you should start each week on your team. They give you the red-hot players, the sleepers, and all the major details you need to set your fantasy roster.

The Alex Salmond Show

Former First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond hosts a new political chat program, 'The Alex Salmond Show', on RT, where he vows to battle the mainstream media narrative and take the news "out of the Westminster nexus." 'The Alex Salmond Show' will take viewers inside the Welsh, Irish and Scottish parliaments, also looking at the government of Northern Ireland, not forgetting Westminster.

The Daily Show Nederlandse Editie

An official Dutch version of The Daily Show. The program is similar to the original, except with Dutch news and a Dutch view on international news. The show is hosted by comedian Jan-Jaap van der Wal. The first episode featured a guest appearance by Jon Stewart (recorded at the New York studio), who gave his official blessing for the show.

NPO 1,


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Join host Jeroen Pauw for this Dutch talk show series.

All you need is Love

Love program in which Robert ten Brink finds love, fixes broken hearts and operates as a true matchmaker.

24 Uur Met...
NPO 3,


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"24 uur met..." is a Dutch talkshow where the host (Wilfried de Jong in season 1-7 and Theo Maassen from season 8 onwards) stays for 24 hours with a guest in a small one-room studio. During these 24 hours they can't leave the studio.

Aggressive Progressives

Aggressive Progressives, hosted by Jimmy Dore and Steve Oh. No horse race distractions here. Real issues from a Progressive point of view on the TYT Network.

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures

The stories from the popular Rooster Teeth Podcast now in animated form!