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Extra Innings with Bill Murray & Brian Doyle-MurrayExtra Innings with Bill Murray & Brian Doyle-Murray


| Variety

Watch brothers Bill Murray and Brian Doyle-Murray wander the Minor League ballparks of America. Nobody does nothing better than these two.

The LineupThe Lineup


| Variety

Ted Ginn, Jr., Marcellus Wiley, Dee Gordon, Bubba Wallace and other athletes take you through "The Lineup" of music that influences their everyday lives. We're giving you a taste of the songs that get them pumped for games, push them through their workouts and chill them out when it's time to relax. Tune in for the music that motivates your favorite athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB, NASCAR and more.

Dealbhan Fraoich/Heather's PortraitsDealbhan Fraoich/Heather's Portraits
BBC Alba,


| Variety

Series in which Heather Dewar draws charcoal portraits.

Concrete TVConcrete TV

Concrete TV, is a public access show in New York City aired on Channel 67 (public access), combining violence, sex, pornography, new video, old video in a video collage artform set to music. This half hour program is produced by Ron Rocheleau, known as 'Concrete Ron'. It is shown Friday nights at 1:30 AM. Episodes are heavily thematically based in 1980s video, hearkening back to the early MTV days, in a mash-up art style.

Het familiedinerHet familiediner


| Variety

In the programme, presenter Bert van Leeuwen helps broken families to take the first step to come together. Van Leeuwen goes out to visit both parties separately and let them tell their side of the story. Then there is a search for what actually went wrong and how it might be okay. The big question is whether the family members show up at dinner. With the limousine, guests are picked up for dinner: are they in the limousine and are they willing to take the first step together?

NPO 1,


| Variety

Consumer program with up-to-date reports, tests and individual problems.

ORF 1,


| Music, Variety
Rating: 5/5

The Vienna New Year's Concert (Neujahrskonzert der Wiener Philharmoniker) is an annual concert of classical music performed by the Vienna Philharmonic on the morning of New Year's Day in Vienna, Austria. The concert occurs at the Musikverein at 11:15. The orchestra performs the same concert programme on 30 December, 31 December, and 1 January but only the last concert is regularly broadcast on radio and television.

The Two Ronnies SketchbookThe Two Ronnies Sketchbook

The Two Ronnies made a final re-entrance, after 17 years apart, for this reunion show. 6 episodes, looking back at the highlights of the incredible 12 year run of the original, humbly titled "The Two Ronnies". The duo, now into their seventies, sit behind a desk and behind those famous glasses, to bring us the best clips from the show.

Pick A PuppyPick A Puppy

Following the process of a family finding their perfect pet.

Lipstick PrinceLipstick Prince


| Variety

The beauty makeover show all women dreamed of! Watch the hottest K-pop boy band members learn about cosmetics and give female celebrity guests a makeover through makeup.

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