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The Master and MargaritaThe Master and Margarita
Russia 2, 2005 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Mystery, Fantasy, Mini-Series

This TV-series directed by Vladimir Bortko and broadcast at the end of 2005 on the Russian Telekanal Rossiya, scored unprecedented ratings. It was the second attempt of director Vladimir Bortko to film Bulgakov's masterpiece. In 2000 he had already been solicited by the Kino-Most film studio, associated with the competing channel NTV, but at the last moment the company did not succeed to come to an agreement with Sergei Shilovsky, grandson of Bulgakov's third wife, and owner of the copyrights. This time, with Rossiiya, it worked. And it did not pass unnoticed.

Imperiet BiancaImperiet Bianca
HBO Max, 2023 Cancelled/Ended | Documentary, Mini-Series

Meet Bianca Ingrosso, successful influencer and entrepreneur, when she and her team are building her business and make up-label.

Boris Giuliano: A Policeman in PalermoBoris Giuliano: A Policeman in Palermo
RaiUno, 2016 Cancelled/Ended | Mini-Series, Biography

Boris Giuliano returns to his beloved land, Sicily, with the task of occupying the post of police commissioner of the mobile squad. Married to the very young Maria, who has yet to finish her university studies, he certainly does not find a good environment in his homeland: in Palermo, the mafia and good society are one and the same thing. Boris does what is asked of a good policeman, to work against crime with commitment and dedication, and in this courageous task he finds the support of his wife. Everything goes more or less well, until Boris arrests some bosses of the Palermo mafia considered untouchable, who are soon released back into the wild.

La pasion turcaLa pasion turca
ATRESplayer In Development | Drama, Romance, Mini-Series

Olivia, a Spanish fine arts teacher with a brilliant professional career, wakes up from a coma in a hospital in Istanbul after trying to commit suicide. There he answers the questions of an inspector who investigates Olivia's collaboration in a network of smuggling works of art with Yaman, her Turkish lover

Roar of the LionRoar of the Lion
Hotstar, 2019 Cancelled/Ended | Sports, Documentary, Mini-Series

Roar of the Lion is a documentary series that focuses on the life of Indian cricketer MS Dhoni. It tells the story of his career's darkest period and the unexpected ban on Chennai Super Kings. The series also covers the mother of all comebacks as Dhoni leads the team back to the top. It is an insightful look into the life of one of the most successful Indian cricketers.

Classical BabyClassical Baby
HBO Max Cancelled/Ended | Family, Children, Music, Animation

Classical Baby is the name of an HBO television series touted as a show for parents to watch with their babies. The show features pieces of classical music played while images of clowns, animals, and works of art are shown.

Moonlight (2023)Moonlight (2023)
Mango TV, 2023 Cancelled/Ended | Drama, Romance, Mini-Series

Stuntman Su Xiaoxiao (Ke Ying) deliberately gets close to the movie star Fang Min (Song Zhao Yi) to get rid of Fei Mingxuan (Chen Xin Hai), trying to find evidence of his mistakes to force him to leave, and staging a classic wrong love with him. Little did they know that this was a conspiracy by Su Xiao Xiao's boyfriend Tang Song (Li Bo Yan). It turns out that Tang Song had been wandering between Su Xiaoxiao and Fang Min, deceiving the two women's feelings, intending to use Su Xiao Xiao to bring down Fei Ming Xuan, and a 'trick within a trick' was secretly staged. With the help of Fei Ming Xuan, Su Xiao Xiao recognized the true face of Tang Song and revealed his conspiracy... Fake drama and true love finally found their own palette in this drama.

Der MillionenbauerDer Millionenbauer
BR Cancelled/Ended | Mini-Series

Josef Hartinger is a farmer in the Munich area. When he heard rumors that a motorway was planned that would run right through his fields, he saw his opportunity: By selling meadows and skilfully negotiating, he wanted to finally become debt-free and no longer have to struggle. That's fine with his second wife Rosa and the children Monika and Martin, who have nothing to do with the farm. The eldest son and farm heir Andreas is against the sale. Aunt Theres also interferes.

Being Mario GötzeBeing Mario Götze

The four-part documentary series, which has been available on the DAZN streaming service since June 9, 2018, accompanies Mario Götze, the 2014 FIFA World Cup champion, for more than seven months in his attempt to regain his old level of power and again in the German league World Cup squad 2018 to create. The series not only shows Götze's everyday sporting life and his fight for the World Cup ticket and his private life. With Götze's family and numerous celebrity companions such as Jürgen Klopp, Jogi Löw, Matthias Sammer and Toni Kroos, the documentary series looks back on the beginnings, the great successes and the crises of the player and takes a detailed look at his medical history. Götze talks about the World Cup goal and the experiences after his move to Bayern Munich and describes in detail his view of football and life.

The World of My 17The World of My 17
V Live, 2020 Cancelled/Ended | Comedy, Romance, Mini-Series

It tells the story of four high school girls and their struggles, disappointments, and precious memories as they grow together, learning to become true friends for one another. Oh Na Ri is a high school freshman who feels confident after she successfully lost weight. However, her self-esteem is lowered by pretty girls she meets named Im Yoo Na, Im Sun Ji, and Seo Mi Rae. Although she dreams of normal school life, she is met with numerous trials. Im Yoo Na is Na Ri's childhood friend and a classy girl. She is not lacking in any aspect, whether it's her appearance or her family background. However, she grows exhausted at fake people around her. She only considers Na Ri as her one true friend. Im Sun Ji, who appears innocent in the appearance, but is in the front to stand up for Na Ri when she faces trouble. Seo Mi Rae is a popular girl among the students. Although she is busy as an idol trainee, she becomes curious about Na Ri after realizing how much Yoo Na admires her.