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The Dark Secret of Harvest Home (1978)The Dark Secret of Harvest Home (1978)

A young couple moves to a quiet New England village, only to soon find themselves mixed up in mysterious rituals.

CoinCoin and the Extra-HumansCoinCoin and the Extra-Humans
Arte, 2018 | Comedy, Drama, Mini-Series
Rating: 5/5

Quinquin is now a grown-up and goes by the nickname of CoinCoin. He hangs out on the Côte D'Opale and attends meetings of the Nationalist Party with his childhood friend Fatso. His old love, Eve, has abandoned him for Corinne. When a strange magma is found near the town, the inhabitants suddenly start to behave very weirdly. Our two heroes, Captain Van Der Weyden and his loyal assistant Carpentier, investigate these alien attacks. The Extra-Human invasion has begun.


TXT's first variety show.

The King of St. PauliThe King of St. Pauli

Rudi Kranzow runs the renowned striptease club "Blaue Banane" on St. Pauli. His rival, the fishmonger Graf, has his sights on the restaurant because the restaurant is adjacent to Graf's Eros Center, which Graf wants to expand. The situation worsens when Kranzow loses a large amount of money to the Graf people while playing dice and is initially unable to pay.

Secret WarsSecret Wars

After many controversies Poland's biggest military intelligence and counter-intelligence agency (commonly known as WSI) is liquidated, but its place is immediately taken by a new, secret military organization. Forced to deal with the new reality, three of its members begin to doubt who they really work for.

St. Urbain's HorsemanSt. Urbain's Horseman

Based on the novel by Mordechai Richler -Winner of the 1971 Governor General's Award - this is the story of Jake, a film director of modest success and a man in disgrace. His alter ego, his cousin Joey - Nazi-hunter, adventurer, hero of the Spanish Civil War - is the avenging horseman of Jake's impotent dreams.

Hermanos & DetectivesHermanos & Detectives

"Hermanos & Detectives" (Brothers & Detectives) is an acclaimed argentine TV show created by the director of "Los Simuladores" (The Pretenders), another very popular argentine TV show. "Hermanos & Detectives" tells the story of Franco Montero who works in the police force. After the death of his father he finds out he has a half sibling, Lorenzo. The boy is only eleven years old and has no other alive relatives, so a judge determines he must live with Franco. But Lorenzo is a very particular boy: he has a very high IQ rate, so in a way, he is like a little Sherlock Holmes and will help Franco solve ver complicated murder cases. The TV show is done in a retro style, very much like the old series that people used to watch in the 60's and 70's, with some reminiscence of series like "Starsky & Hutch".

Junior Doctors: On The Front LineJunior Doctors: On The Front Line

Documentary series following newly-qualified medics as they start working on hospital wards for the first time.

Transforming GirlsTransforming Girls

Shorts about girls who transform into machines. The first episode focuses on Haru, a girl who transforms into a fighter jet while trying to catch a hat blowing away in the wind.

Rolling Stone: Stories From the EdgeRolling Stone: Stories From the Edge

A chronicle of the last 50 years of American music, politics and popular culture through the perspective of Rolling Stone magazine. An exhilarating visual and musical experience of the magazine's history featuring performances by a dazzling array of artists and showcasing the groundbreaking work of its writers.