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ABC1, 2008 | Talk Shows, News
Rating: 5/5

Q&A is a news and current events roundtable show hosted by journalist Hamish Macdonald. The program features a panel of five public figures, which may include politicians from both major federal parties, minor party politicians, media personalities and/or celebrities. Along with group discussions, all guests answer questions provided by viewers (via social networks) and the studio audience live.

Greg News with Gregório DuvivierGreg News with Gregório Duvivier

Gregory Duvivier irreverently presents his interpretation of important news in Brazil and in the world. Original program by HBO Brasil.

The Listening PostThe Listening Post

Listening Post is Al Jazeera English's weekly media review show. It casts a critical eye over not just what gets reported, but how it's reported - covering the coverage of the news & analyzing global events through the prism of the media.

Bill Moyers JournalBill Moyers Journal
PBS, 2007 | Documentary, News

A PBS news program that features important issues, strong interviews with individuals in politics, the arts, science, religion, and the media.

Daily PlanetDaily Planet

Ever since the Discovery Channel was created in 1995, Daily Planet (2002; previously, continues to be Canada's only daily science series. Daily Planet is a show about new advances in science. Every weekday, hosts Jay Ingram (1995) and Kim Jagtiani (2007) bring science current events to the airwaves with short documentaries, interviews and discussions. Among some of the common topics in Daily Planet are nature and the environment, advances in robotics, medicine, space travel and many more as the occasion warrants. The show also features theme weeks: an in-depth week-long view at several interesting domains.

Aggressive ProgressivesAggressive Progressives

Aggressive Progressives, hosted by Jimmy Dore and Steve Oh. No horse race distractions here. Real issues from a Progressive point of view on the TYT Network.

Andere TijdenAndere Tijden

Andere Tijden (English: Other Times) is a history programme on Dutch television of the NTR and VPRO. There is also a version of the programme called Andere Tijden Sport which shows programmes about sports history.

The Gavin McInnes ShowThe Gavin McInnes Show

McInnes is the creator of Vice Media, he was most recently the host of the podcast "Free Speech." Known to many as "the Godfather of hipsterdom," his obsession with the first Amendment blows up the Internet on a regular basis.

Other, 2015 | News

"Kennedy" is a news panel show hosted by Kennedy Montgomery. Kennedy Montgomery is a libertarian that you may recognize from 90's MTV, Stossel, and the Independents.

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