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No Such Thing as the NewsNo Such Thing as the News
BBC Two, 2016 | News, Comedy
Rating: 5/5

This is a current affairs counterpart to QI podcast No Such Thing As A Fish. It promises to be fast, intelligent, hilarious television, completely unlike any other show on air. It's about contemporary events, but it's not 'satire'. It aims to do for the news what QI does for the universe at large: making the apparently dull interesting, the obscure clear and the frightening comprehensible. Like all great ideas, the formula is simple. Four young QI researchers - known by Stephen Fry's affectionate nickname as 'The QI Elves' - tell each other the most interesting things they've discovered in the news that week. They are likeable, ordinary, unpretentious, inveterately curious, prodigiously well briefed and extremely funny. They don't claim to be journalists and they don't look like newsreaders, but their take on the world is as accurate as any. Not bound by the conventions accepted everywhere else, No Such Thing As The News may not look like the news, but you are certain to find yourself strangely better informed.

Question TimeQuestion Time
BBC One, 1979 | Financial/Business, Talk Shows, News
Rating: 2.5/5

A show where members of the public ask a panel, consisting of MPs, celebrities and industry experts, questions on a variety of current affairs topics.

The BeavertonThe Beaverton

At last. News on television. The Comedy Network announced today the incredibly important new television program The Beaverton, an incredibly important satirical news series with deep importance to citizens living in the country with the most water in the world. A so-called televised "adaptation" of the immensely popular online satirical site, The Beaverton guarantees to provide Canadians with the news they didn't even ask for.

Some Good NewsSome Good News
YouTube, 2020 | Comedy, Talk Shows, News
Rating: 5/5

The news show dedicated entirely to good news hosted by John Krasinski.

MSNBC, 2005 | Drama, Crime, Documentary, News
Rating: 5/5

This is a behind-the-scenes look at life in some of America's most notorious prison systems. The show aims to delve inside the minds of both hardened criminals and the guards that try to keep them in line.

The Sheriffs Are ComingThe Sheriffs Are Coming

A look at the work of high court enforcement officers, also known as sheriffs, as they strive to retrieve cash for members of the public that are owed money

ZDF, 2009 | Comedy, Politics, News

A nightly half-hour series unburdened by objectivity, journalistic integrity, or even accuracy. Hosted by Oliver Welke, the show is a valid pedant of the The Daily Show.

Faking It: Tears of a CrimeFaking It: Tears of a Crime

These criminals not only thought they'd got away with it, but used the national press and media to portray themselves as grieving victims. Whether thrust into the limelight or fame hungry attention seekers, they all shared one thing: their public deception led to their demise. The signs were in front of us, but how do you spot a criminal? In this exclusive ID series, a crack team of three experts - body language, voice and psychology - analyze iconic TV appeals by those who claimed to be grief stricken but turned out to be the perpetrators. By dissecting the lies of these crying criminals frame-by-frame they will reveal the fascinating physiological 'tells' and tell-tale signs that ultimately unraveled their deception and led to their capture and incarceration.

The CheckoutThe Checkout

This is an Australian television series starring The Chaser's Julian Morrow and Craig Reucassel, in a 10-part series on exposing the nasty tricks that see Australian consumers ripped off and manipulated.

Tucker Carlson TonightTucker Carlson Tonight
FOX News, 2016 | Talk Shows, News
Rating: 3/5

Veteran political journalist Tucker Carlson hosts this nightly series that bears his name. Fox News describes the show as an "hour of spirited debate and powerful reporting," with Carlson taking on issues that viewers care about. He is joined by guests to help him discuss issues that don't seem to get much coverage in other parts of the media. Regular segments include Carlson calling out political correctness that goes too far and putting overblown social-media outrage in its place, all done in what the network calls "his signature style."

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