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Rickety RocketRickety Rocket

This was a segment on the "Plastic Man Comedy / Adventure Hour." It was about a detective agency run by four teenagers and their makeshift rocket, similar to Speed Buggy.


In the pursuit of justice for her deceased mother, a fierce Sana Kapoor fights her father and uncovers secrets that can impair her relationship with her family. Based on 2018 Irish series "Blood".


Enter the complex world of the District Attorney's office with up-and-coming attorney Marcelle Ben-David who believes in justice above all else, even the law. After convicting the head of a major crime family, she is given a promotion under the watchful eye of the highly-esteemed D.A. But when she begins working on her first assignment - a high profile case of mortgage fraud - Marcelle's disregard for the rules of the D.A.'s rigid hierarchy opens a Pandora's Box that threatens to shake the country's entire legal system. As Marcelle digs deeper into the investigation, she discovers that this case is only the tip of the iceberg in a massive conspiracy. Going against her boss's wishes, she will do whatever it takes to bring justice to those involved - no matter the cost. But when Marcelle finds out that those behind it are the ones closest to her, can she stop it all before she crosses too many red lines?

Johnny StaccatoJohnny Staccato

Jazz pianist Johnny Staccato supplements his meager musician's income by working as a private detective. The background for many of the episodes is his friend "Waldo's" jazz club in New York City's Greenwich Village, featuring performances by the Pete Candoli jazz combo which included Barney Kessel, Shelly Manne, Red Mitchell, Red Norvo and Johnny Williams. The theme was composed by Elmer Bernstein.


Spreewald Krimi is a German television crime series by ZDF.

My Daughter Joined A CultMy Daughter Joined A Cult

Documenting claims made by ex-devotees, My Daughter Joined a Cult follows the life of the controversial and self-styled godman, Swami Nithyananda whilst giving a voice to individuals who were at the epicentre of it all.

Other, 1987 | Drama, Family, Action, Crime
Rating: 5/5

The series was a soap opera, dealing with the lives of ordinary people, living and working in or around an average lakótelep (Gazdagréti microdistrict, a socialist housing estate with several thousand flats in Budapest, built in the 1980s). Its characters were explored, over time, in equal depth: ranging from elderly pensioners, busy middle aged professionals, up-and-coming young people, and children growing into their teens.

The Storks Shall ReturnThe Storks Shall Return

The show follows the two lead characters, Shvaba and Ekser, as they try to make a living on the streets of Belgrade through the life of petty crime. Making matters worse is the fact that Shvaba owes a lot of money to a local big-shot criminal. And just when things seem lost for the two men, Shvaba's mother inherits a house in Baranda - a village near Belgrade no one's ever heard of. As Shvaba and Ekser happily rush to Baranda, hoping to sell the house and solve all their problems, the villagers are equally happy to see them, thinking that two businessmen from Belgrade are finally taking an interest in their village...

Rechercheur RiaRechercheur Ria
SBS 6, 2014 | Crime

The show is about a female police detective who has a own way of solving cases. She has twins and her ex husband becomes her boss.

The Squad: Prison PoliceThe Squad: Prison Police
A&E, 2010 | Reality, Crime

A team of special agents react to and investigate crimes within the Tennessee prison system.