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Hunting AtlantisHunting Atlantis
Discovery, 2021 | Adventure, Reality, Nature | ► Trailer
Rating: 4/5

Does the Lost City of Atlantis really exist? Atlantis has fascinated philosophers and historians for nearly 2,400 years and is known as one of the most extraordinary mysteries of the world. With a new trail of evidence, expert Stel Pavlou and volcanologist Jess Phoenix set out on a quest to solve the greatest archaeological mystery of all time - the rediscovery of Atlantis.

When Nature Calls with Helen MirrenWhen Nature Calls with Helen Mirren
ABC, 2021 | Comedy, Reality, News, Nature
Rating: 1/5

When Nature Calls with Helen Mirren is a laugh-out-loud, one-hour unscripted comedy series which looks at the lighter side of the natural world.

Chris & Meg's Wild SummerChris & Meg's Wild Summer

Wildlife presenters Chris Packham and stepdaughter Megan McCubbin go on a road trip with amazing animal encounters, stunning landscapes and time to reflect on their relationship.

Beast BuddiesBeast Buddies
Animal Planet, 2021 | Documentary, Nature
Rating: 2/5

Some people love animals more than they love their own families. Meet the Beast Buddies - owners so obsessed with their exotic pets they risk sanity and safety to live together. Discover a world of big egos, big cats and big money - as well as plenty of wry laughter. Darkly humorous, deeply personal and sometimes disturbing

Amazing Animal FriendsAmazing Animal Friends

Best friends come in all shapes, sizes, and species, from America to Australia, and from Britain to Zimbabwe. This six-part series looks at the cutest, funniest, and least expected animal relationships in the world, featuring animals that shouldn't get along but, for whatever reason, make their special bonds work. Join us as we travel the globe to meet an orphaned rhino calf and her dog and sheep companions, an orphaned baby kangaroo and a wombat, a zebra-donkey hybrid and two camels, and many more unusual but amazing friendships.

America the Beautiful (2022)America the Beautiful (2022)
Nat Geo, in development | Wildlife, Documentary, Nature

The series will tell the story of North America, showcasing visually spectacular regions as seen through the eyes of its iconic species.

Decoding DangerDecoding Danger

Apocalyptic fire storms, raging floods and the most venomous creatures in the world. We dig deep into the science behind nature's greatest threats, to find ways to stay safe, in Australia and around the world.

Scotland: Escape to the WildernessScotland: Escape to the Wilderness

Wildlife cameraman Hamza Yassin takes celebs on an immersive exploration of Scotland's breathtaking landscapes, as they get up close and personal with Scotland's most spectacular wildlife.