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Frozen Planet IIFrozen Planet II
BBC One, 2022 | Documentary, Nature | ► Trailer
Rating: 5/5

Frozen Planet II will take audiences back to the wildernesses of the Arctic and Antarctica. Ten years on from the original Frozen Planet, this series tells the complete story of the entire frozen quarter of our planet that's locked in ice and blanketed in snow.

Naked and Afraid XL FrozenNaked and Afraid XL Frozen

Dropped into one of the most punishing locations ever attempted - Montana's windswept and snow-covered Rocky Mountains - these elite survivalists will be tested like never before. Their quest to survive will demand knowledge, teamwork, and mental toughness that only the most accomplished NAKED AND AFRAID XL survivalists possess.

Hunting AtlantisHunting Atlantis
Discovery, 2021 | Adventure, Reality, Nature | ► Trailer
Rating: 4/5

Does the Lost City of Atlantis really exist? Atlantis has fascinated philosophers and historians for nearly 2,400 years and is known as one of the most extraordinary mysteries of the world. With a new trail of evidence, expert Stel Pavlou and volcanologist Jess Phoenix set out on a quest to solve the greatest archaeological mystery of all time - the rediscovery of Atlantis.

America the Beautiful (2022)America the Beautiful (2022)

The series will tell the story of North America, showcasing visually spectacular regions as seen through the eyes of its iconic species.

When Nature Calls with Helen MirrenWhen Nature Calls with Helen Mirren
ABC, 2021 | Comedy, Reality, News, Nature
Rating: 3/5

When Nature Calls with Helen Mirren is a laugh-out-loud, one-hour unscripted comedy series which looks at the lighter side of the natural world.

Britain's Beautiful Rivers with Richard HammondBritain's Beautiful Rivers with Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond explores the historical, ecological and economic importance of four rivers. 

Into the Wild New ZealandInto the Wild New Zealand

This five-part series explores the unique wildlife of New Zealand, from loyal little penguins and playful parrots to predatory lizards and boisterous seals.

Last of the Giants: Wild FishLast of the Giants: Wild Fish
Nat Geo, 2022 | Drama, Adventure, Documentary, Nature
Rating: 3/5

Cyril Chauquet and his team are dropped into the middle of the wildest environments on the planet with the sole mission of collecting vital specimens that could save species from extinction. After years of habitat destruction, pollution and commercial pressure, Chauquet and his team are on tight deadlines to make it through the dangerous rugged terrain and back to civilization. The teams seek out some of the most endangered freshwater goliaths from the Great North of the Americas and the Amazon rainforest, including the armor-plated white sturgeon, the prehistoric pirarucu and the hulking piraiba.

Chris & Meg's Wild SummerChris & Meg's Wild Summer
BBC Two, 2021 | Documentary, Nature
Rating: 3/5

Wildlife presenters Chris Packham and stepdaughter Megan McCubbin go on a road trip with amazing animal encounters, stunning landscapes and time to reflect on their relationship.

Beast BuddiesBeast Buddies
Animal Planet, 2021 | Documentary, Nature
Rating: 2/5

Some people love animals more than they love their own families. Meet the Beast Buddies - owners so obsessed with their exotic pets they risk sanity and safety to live together. Discover a world of big egos, big cats and big money - as well as plenty of wry laughter. Darkly humorous, deeply personal and sometimes disturbing

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