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Shipping Julia

Julia sets out with her family on a cruise vacation, with hopes that a week of sun, Caribbean beaches, and lots to do onboard will take her mind off her recent break-up. Things get off to a rocky start when she has an awkward encounter with James, a cute British guy who's also on Allure of the Seas. Julia shakes it off, figuring she won't be seeing much of him again this vacation-but fate has other plans.

De Grote Improvisatieshow
RTL 4,


| Comedy

A spin-off from the popular dutch Improvisation Comedy series 'De Lama's'.

De TV Kantine
RTL 4,


| Comedy
Rating: 4/5

As long as there is television, the TV canteen is there. At this location, all the stars together, Jeroen Pauw to Mary Williams, Marc-Marie Fritz Huijbrechts to Sissinghurst, Joop Braakhekke to Ali B and Kim Holland to Sonja Bakker. The viewer of RTL-4 TV program The Canteen is the joys and sorrows of the stars with it. Or as Glennis Grace sings the title song "Look at the stars, how they shine on TV, but in the cafeteria where you can experience it with me: how they smile, how they cry. Are they just the tube, TV canteen, where every star feel at home. "Each week the TV Canteen offers a rounded story, which several BN'ers .

Spuiten en Slikken

A group of young reporters look for interesting stories while exploring the worlds of sex, drugs, criminals and parties.

Je Zal Het Maar Hebben

Presenter Valerio Zeno, a jolly picture of health and attractive youth, attempts to experience the fate of young? Dutch people affected by various medical conditions. In each episode about two sufferers get to show and explain what each condition entails and how it alters their lives.

De gevaarlijkste wegen van Nederland
SBS 6,


| Reality

This program highlights the most dangerous roads and unsafe traffic locations in the Netherlands.

Red Mijn Vakantie

Thijs Zeeman and Eef van Opdorp help desperate Dutch who experience a horror holiday. Holidaymakers who are desperate, ask for help. Thijs and Eef travel to the destination and try to save the holiday. Hygiene expert Rob Geus travels in and outside the camp to subjugate them trough an thorough inspection.

Podium Witteman
NPO 2,


| Music, Reality

Music program with presenter Paul Witteman, house pianist Mike Boddé and classical music expert Floris Kortie that offers a platform to ensembles and soloists and their special stories.

Help, Mijn Man Is Klusser!
RTL 4,


| Family, Reality

Construction program in which John Williams visits desperate partners of do-it-yourselfers, who have been camping with crooked toes between unfinished or improperly executed projects for a long time.

Uitstel van Executie

Uitstel van Executie helps people who have heard from their mortgage lender that their house will be sold at auction. Together with a real estate agent, Martijn Krabbé uses two sales stylists, an architectural and a professional budget coach, to do everything to help these people and to limit the enormous financial damage.