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100 Days My Prince


| Drama, Romance/Dating, History
Rating: 4/5

Lee Yool is the Crown Prince, but he suddenly disappears. He comes back to the palace one hundred days later. What happened to the Crown Prince for the past one hundred days? Meanwhile, Hong Shim is smart and runs the first private detective agency in Joseon.

Road Rules


| Reality

"Welcome to the ride of your life Your destination: Anywhere Your money: Gone Your mission: Survive and then you'll be rewarded handsomely Throw out your rules These are Road Rules!" This popular sister show of the hit MTV reality series, The Real World, Road Rules is a show where originally five people, but in later seasons six people (3 girls, 3 boys), team up and do missions to compete for money and prizes while travelling without any of their own money or credit cards. The cast travels a certain route in an RV and co-exist in the cramped quarters on their road trip. At the end, if they complete all the missions successfully, they'll be rewarded...handsomely!



| Cooking/Food

Are you ready for Denmark's cutest competition, when ten Danes become crazy about becoming the very best in the country to make sweets and desserts.



| Comedy, Drama

Wilsberg is a German TV series based on novels about the fictional private detective Georg Wilsberg. A first TV episode was aired in 1995, five years after the release of the first novel, starring Joachim Król. Since the second episode, Georg Wilsberg is portrayed by Leonard Lansink.

Lawless Lawyer


| Action, Crime, Mystery

Driven by the desire to avenge his mother, a former gangster turned lawyer uses both his fists and the loopholes in law to fight against those with absolute power.

Decoding Christianity

In each episode, the presenter, Christy Kenneally begins by posing a key question that is fundamental to our understanding of Christianity. He then sets out to find the answer to this question, investigating and decoding the signs, symbols, iconography, myths and miracles of Christianity. He seeks out the sources that hold the key to understanding our initial question and thus comes closer to decoding Christianity itself. Over six episodes, the presenter's quest takes him to far-flung corners of the earth: from the primitive frescos in the catacombs of Rome, to the massive, colourful pilgrimage at Kulubi in Ethiopia, to the extraordinary Hill of Crosses in Lithuania, we are taken on a journey into Christianity in all its fascinating and colourful manifestations.

Super Senses: The Secret Power of Animals

Biologist Patrick Aryee and physicist Helen Czerski go beyond the limits of human perception to explore the extraordinary and surprising world of animal senses.

Thirty Plus


| Comedy
Rating: 2/5

Talking about bad nipples at babyshowers, want to show ID at the System Bolaget (the Swedish liquorstore) or order the evening DJ instead of the evening drink in the bar by misstake? Supermum Mimmi is back, relationshipfixed Kajsa has gotten a new guy and in the office are the big questions at the center - what animal do you resemble the most and who has made the best lunch box? Behind and in front of Trettiplus stands the human group Stallet (The Stable in English) consisting of Elin Thomasdotter Extor, Anni Tuikka, Linn Mannheimer, Isabella Posse Boquist and Isabelle Riddez.


A small French village deals with a culture clash after a giant German company moves into town with its 200 employees.

I, Detective

Armchair detectives and forensic science junkies get the opportunity to solve real cases each week on Court TV's "I, Detective".