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Brother's Keeper


| Comedy

A stitched up single dad raises his young son while keeping his hard-partying, pro-footballer brother in line.

Second Noah


| Drama, Family

An author and his zookeeper wife adopt eight children and numerous animals.

Camp Wilder


| Comedy
Rating: 1/5

A single mother moves back home to care for her teenage brother and sister after the sudden death of their parents.

9 to 5


| Comedy

Secretaries clash with a sexist boss. Based on the 1980 film.

Getting By


| Comedy
Rating: 5/5

Two single mothers share an office and a home.

Nurses (US)


| Comedy, Medical

The hectic lives of five Miami nurses. Loosely spun off from "Empty Nest", itself a spin-off of "The Golden Girls".



| Comedy

Behind the scenes at a New York newspaper, a columnist clashes with his ex-wife, who has become the new editor.

Your Bleeped Up Brain

We have all been deceived, bought into superstitions, confused fact with fiction and had a lapse in memory. Our brains can't help but be tricked-it happens to everyone. And the little mental missteps we all encounter have also tripped up the world's greatest leaders and impacted the most important events of history. See what an alien abduction reveals about your memory, learn how a séance in the White House holds the key to superstition, uncover a conspiracy theory about the moon landing and investigate how Adolf Hitler employed deception during WWII. In this four-part H2 mini-series event, you'll take part in a series of mind-bending experiments that will explain how everything in History can be traced back to "Your Bleeped Up Brain".

Dare to Wear

Some people get locked into one sense of fashion so strongly that they identify with only one look. In every episode, host and style expert Tai Beauchamp guides two extreme fashion disasters on total opposite sides of the style spectrum. After being shocked to learn that they have to swap clothing, these women will spend time living in one another's look and then, with new found understanding, branch out to leave their comfort zone for a head to toe transformation.

Make Room for Granddaddy


| Comedy

An aging entertainer and his wife take on care of their 6-year-old grandson.