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The National Lottery: Win Your Wish List

Shane Richie hosts the game show that sees couples playing to win the prizes of their dreams. Will they be able to hold their nerve and take the pressure as they attempt win their wish lists?

Get Me to the Church

A bride or groom and their group of friends are dumped in a far-flung corner of the World. They have one mission to get to the church and their wedding on time.

Pontoon Payday


| Comedy, Game Show

Set sail with the first-ever game show on a boat. Throughout the half-hour series of "Pontoon Payday", unsuspecting lake-goers are plucked from their party boats to suddenly find themselves competing on a floating game show hosted by comedian Frank Nicotero. If they can answer a few questions correctly, they'll win quick cash to keep their party afloat. But get the questions wrong, and they're tossed overboard with only their pride.

Raw to Ready


| Documentary

Explore the science, innovation and sheer genius it takes to transform the most basic ingredients into powerhouse machines. From aircraft to big rigs to earth movers, venture deep inside factories and witness the hard work and craftsmanship necessary to build these incredible machines. Uncover the hidden stories of human ingenuity that have transformed the earth's most essential raw materials into monumental marvels of modern technology. Natural resources, critical moments in time and human ingenuity forge the world's most awe-inspiring machines.

Orbita Laika


| Talk Shows

Órbita Laika is a late night show on science airing on the Spanish public network TVE2. The program owns his name to Laika the dog, who became the first living creature to orbit the Earth. What makes this show unique is its mixture of science and humor.



| Reality

Watch as fans get the ultimate makeover, Becoming their favourite rock stars! Becoming lets you see the glamorous world of video making as fans get a chance to walk in the shoes of their favourite artists for 48 hours. From hair and makeup to wardrobe and choreography, the fans are completely transformed into their musical idols. The payoff, at the end of each episode, is the recreation of a video by their chosen artist.

Becoming (2015)

Created for kids and families, the half-hour show will feature extraordinary stories of athletes from around the world.


In the far reaches of remote Alaska survival is an everyday game. Enter into the minds of outdoor TV personalities Chris and Casey Keefer as they set out to survive 30 days in Alaska's backcountry. Each new day these brothers will pit their skills as hunters, woodsmen, and fishermen against an unforgiving and relentless landscape. Shot in a documentary style, DROPPED will bring viewers face to face with the harsh reality of only being able to eat what you can kill. A true test of mind, body, and soul. As they wind their way through over a hundred river miles of the most perilous and game-rich country in the world, they will both attempt to kill Caribou, Moose, Black Bear, and Wolf - all for survival.

Va Por Ti

A musical reality competition where three of Latin music's biggest stars each choose and coach a team of aspiring singers. Celebrity judges will evaluate the performance of the singers, but in the end, only ONE will win the big prize-a recording contract, cash prize and the opportunity to become the newest Latin singing sensation. Each week, viewers vote to save their favorites.

Tengo Talento Mucho Talento

A reality competition show searching for the best Latino talent in the United States for the chance to win a grand prize of $100,000 and an artistic career supported by Estrella TV.