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| Comedy

Radges is set in a Scottish pupil referral unit for kids with behavioral and psychological problems. Arrogant self-serving Mab, nervous wallflower Lauren, and perpetually optimistic Kieran try to navigate their way through small town Scotland, where it's clear they're not the only ones with issues.


In the series we follow Lisa for 12 years, a great talent in classical ballet. With Lisa starring her class is invited to show at the Norwegian Opera. Lisa herself is restless, and getting fed all the rules of ballet. During a visit to the local youth, she spectator to a hip hop battle, and is fascinated by the free and wild dance of group AF1-All For One. Lisa tries to join in AF1, but soon discovers that hip hop is not only freely and easily as she first thought. In his quest for acceptance from AF1 violate she eventually with the ballet, and the whole performance of the opera is in jeopardy.

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| Comedy, Talk Shows
Rating: 4/5

German late night show with special guests.

Treasures of the Indus

Sona Datta takes a look at the story of the Indian subcontinent told through its people, places and dynasties, and finds out about their effect on the modern world.

Rachel Khoo's Kitchen Notebook: Melbourne


| Cooking/Food

Join Rachel Khoo as she immerses herself in Melbourne's rich, multicultural food scene. In this new Kitchen Notebook series, Rachel gathers cooking inspiration and discovers quirky culinary treasures.

The Secret Life of Twins

Various factors in the lives of identical twins are featured.

Britain's Big Wildlife Revival

The show brings together some of the BBC's most respected wildlife experts to highlight the plight of Britain's most at-risk animals.

Return to Forgotten Britain

The BBC's foreign correspondent Fergal Keane revisits the hard pressed British communities he previously visited at the turn of the millennium to see how they are coping in 2012.

Engineering Giants

The world's most enormous machines are stripped down and torn apart to discover their hidden secrets and to reveal out how each one has changed our world in its own unique way

Built in Britain

In this two part series Evan Davis sets out to find the scale of the engineering challenge Britain faces and how we can tackle it. Britain's infrastructure is a hot topic. Nearly everybody agrees we need more of it for our economy and for our future, but the roads, railways, water and power networks we rely on everyday are creaking. Taking us behind-the-scenes to access bits of Britain you never see, Evan will show how the challenges can be overcome - and how we've rediscovered our great tradition of epic engineering.