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Overspel in de liefde
NET 5,


| Drama, Reality

31 percent of all Dutch cheating on his or her partner. In the new scripted reality series Overspel in de liefde, the hard truth about cheating upwards. Of illegitimate children to a secret affair with a neighbor, all sizes of cheating passing by.

Danni Lowinski (NL)
SBS 6,


| Comedy, Drama

Drama series about a hairdresser in her early thirties who has successfully completed a training as a lawyer in addition to her work, but then never gets anywhere.

De Slechtste Chauffeur Van Nederland
RTL 5,


| Reality

'The Worst Driver in the Netherlands' is a TV show in which eight terrible drivers compete for the title of being the worst driver. The candidates' driving skills and traffic insight are being put to the test, while simultaneously creating awareness of the dangers that present themselves on the road for both the audience and the candidates themselves.

Achter Gesloten Deuren

Nearly everyone's life has dramatic events. Small or large. Adultery, a child on drugs, dad in jail or pregnant with someone other than your husband; it's all more common than we think. Out of shame these stories are often kept secret. Many of these secrets you read anonymously penned back in magazines and on the Internet, but they rarely get the television. The true secrets are shown in a realistic and poignant way.


Beschuldigd is a scripted reality series. In each episode a family member is followed who tells about the situation in the family after one of the family members has been accused of a crime. At the end of each episode you will find out whether the suspect is really guilty or not.

Zie Ze Vliegen

The Dutch version of "Come Fly with Me"

Moord of Zelfmoord

This program investigates crime. Journalist Kees van der Spek and lawyer Sébas Diekstra investigate cases that have been labeled as suicides by the police. Family and loved ones of the deceased, however, question this conclusion. They continue to walk around with the grueling question: what is happening

RTL Late night

A late night talk show hosted by Humberto Tan.

NPO 1,


| Variety

Consumer program with up-to-date reports, tests and individual problems.


Spoorloos is a television program of the KRO-NCRV in which the tracking of blood relatives is central. Sometimes family members have lost sight of each other, or they have never even seen each other at all.