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| Drama, Action, Crime, Current Events
Rating: 5/5

The series was a soap opera, dealing with the lives of ordinary people, living and working in or around an average lakótelep (Gazdagréti microdistrict, a socialist housing estate with several thousand flats in Budapest, built in the 1980s). Its characters were explored, over time, in equal depth: ranging from elderly pensioners, busy middle aged professionals, up-and-coming young people, and children growing into their teens.

Way Out West

Three Idaho families compete against one another as they run Western-style clothing companies.

Harbour Lives

The show follows Ben Fogle as he finds out more about the county of Dorset which is home to one of country's most dramatic coastlines with its craggy cliffs, miles of stunning sandy beaches and four million visitors every year.

Time's Up

The show focuses on the phenomenon of "expiration dating", where couples must re-evaluate their current relationships as they enter new phases of their lives that will eventually separate them. The scenarios vary from attending different colleges, semesters abroad, job relocations, military deployments and more. Each episode will follow a couple as they cope with the pressure of their expiration date and document their lives in the weeks leading up to the dreaded departure. When their time is finally up and the couples must say goodbye, they are faced with the decision of staying together to beat the odds as a long-distance couple, or go their separate ways.

Liz & Dick

In this highly anticipated Lifetime Original Movie, Lindsay Lohan stars as the legendary Elizabeth Taylor alongside Grant Bowler as renowned actor Richard Burton.

Dukes of Melrose

The show features renowned fashion boutique owners Cameron Silver and Christos Garkinos. As the dynamic duo show off their exclusive and glamorous world of vintage couture, they also buy and consign jaw-dropping pieces made by the hautest fashion icons. Whether it's bidding on a classic Balenciaga gown at a Parisian auction or finding a chic Fendi handbag in the closet of the Hollywood elite, Cameron and Christos will go to any length to source the créme de la créme for their demanding clientele. In the series premiere, one of Hollywood's biggest nights, the Oscars, is fast approaching and Cameron and Christos must make their partnership work to dress the most fashion-forward celebrities.

Sweet Spy


| Drama

Lee Soon-ae is a recently widowed traffic cop who finds herself in over her head after she stops a man for committing a routine traffic violation. Han Yoo-il, the mysterious and charming stranger who was stopped by the ever-diligent Soon-ae, is in fact an international spy, who has come to Korea on a top-secret mission. When Soon-ae accidentally forgets to return Yoo-il's super high-tech spy pen to him, she sets in motion a chain of events that pulls her into the shady world of international espionage. Soon, the Special Operations Unit also becomes involved, including its new chief Kang Joon, who happens to be an old friend of Soon-ae's late husband. Kang Joon, who secretly harbors feelings for Soon-ae, opens an old case surrounding the death of her husband. They uncover secrets involving powerful political and economic figures, which leads to Han Yoo-il.

The Holidaymakers

The cameras follow ultimate family holiday to discover what happens when different families of all shapes and sizes are thrown together in a luxury villa in Spain.

Style By Jury

With every new year comes a need for transformations, and new series STYLE BY JURY is helping TLC make over Friday nights. The show features fashion felons accused of committing some of the most terrible "style crimes" as they are put on trial. The fashion suspects will be secretly critiqued behind a two-way mirror by a jury of their peers, and confronted with what kind of first impression their physical appearance is making to the outside world.

The Undriveables

The show sees some of the country's worst learner drivers being paired up with leading instructors to see if they can finally pass their driving test.