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Short CircuitzShort Circuitz
MTV, 2007 | Comedy

Nick Cannon Presents: Short Circuitz is a sketch comedy show starring Nick Cannon and an array of players from Nick's other series "Wild 'N Out"

Jack of All TastesJack of All Tastes

In Jack of All Tastes, follow Jackie Long (wife of NFL star Jake Long) as she journeys from city to city and dines with NFL athletes and their significant others. Each guest takes her to their favorite one-of-a-kind restaurant while they discuss what makes these places unique.

Real Men (NL)Real Men (NL)
RTL 4, 2015 | Family, Reality

Reality TV where hairy guys face the ultimate challenge in the province to improve their health and fitness. With a good dose of humor, the men say goodbye to their beer belly and welcome them condition!


HUM TV's latest drama, Ehd-e-Wafa features Osman Khalid Butt, Ahad Raza Mir and Alizey Shah in key roles. Written by Mustafa Afridi, and directed by Muhammad Saife Hasan, the plot revolves around a group of high-spirited friends who help, support, and enjoy one another's company as they overcome the hardships in their life.

Achievement Hunter: Let's RollAchievement Hunter: Let's Roll

Let's Roll is an Achievement Hunter series where the group plays various board games.

Atop the Fourth WallAtop the Fourth Wall
YouTube, 2008 | Comedy

"Welcome to Atop the Fourth Wall Where Bad Comics Burn" Atop the Fourth Wall is an ongoing internet series hosted by Linkara (Lewis Lovhaug), a comic book enthusiast who wields a magic gun and reviews really, really, bad comic books. Along with Pollo (his trusty cardboard robot), Linkara defends the world from Evil Scientists, Robot Duplicates, Zombies, and Extra-Dimensional Conquerors all in the span of a review of some crusty comic.

Secrets of Our CitiesSecrets of Our Cities
SBS, 2017 | Documentary

Greig Pickhaver (HG Nelson) is on a mission to discover the secrets of some of Australia's most iconic cities. Travelling to Fremantle, Fitzroy and Bondi, Pickhaver uncovers the hidden history and unsung residents who've helped shape these places into the cities they are today.

Chicken Shop DateChicken Shop Date

Chicken Shop Date combines fried chicken with flirting in a one of a kind interview format. The charm of Chicken Shop Date lies both within the UK's love for Chicken Shops and also the dynamic of presenter and guest. Amelia's dry humour has the ability to disarm the media trained front of her musical guests to provide the audience with a show that presents grime/uk rap culture as it is rarely seen. Above all, Chicken Shop Date proves that whoever said romance is dead has never been on a date to Chicken Cottage.

Der Barcelona KrimiDer Barcelona Krimi

Xavi Bonet is an investigator in Barcelona - idiosyncratic, solitary, mysterious and well connected in the city. Together with his new partner, the self-confident single parent Fina Valet, he has to solve in his first case the connection between a man with amnesia and a dead illegal immigrant, both of whom were found on the beach.

ESL: Defining MomentsESL: Defining Moments

Dive deep into the most impactful moments in esports history. Defining Moments will cover many top games and fan the flames of ongoing debates about these plays. Each episode is centered on a specific theme of the week, whether trick-shots and insane reflexes, controversial strategies and their impact on gaming history, or beloved players and how they came onto the scene. Hosted by Jeff Cannata (DLC, The Totally Rad Show), the series will feature in-depth interviews with analysts, casters, and the players themselves, explaining what made these moments so monumental.