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ORF 1, 1990 | Comedy
Rating: 5/5

At the center of the TV comedy series Tohuwabohu is a small, amateurish private television station, whose name says it all: a curious hodgepodge of news, sport, entertainment, culture, music, entertainment, information, show, entertainment and entertainment. Under pressure from financiers and creditors as well as on the run from the ORF, the post office and the police, the staff of Tohuwabohu chases from scene to scene and from one media and artistic faux pas to the next. The result of this type of programming is not only a desolate chaos, but also an expression of advanced lack of talent and ideas. But behind the presented absurdities of Tohuwabohu, on closer inspection, there is a TV, media and social criticism that picks up everything and everyone or unmasked them with parodic references.

Il commissario ZagariaIl commissario Zagaria

A malevolent clan, probably from Calabria, has arrived in Salento to conquer the territory. Commissioner Pasquale Zagaria (Lino Banfi) is a policeman who grew up in the field, all intuition and little science. Close to retirement, he finds himself having to collaborate with the young assistant chief, Stefano Amato (Marco Cocci), a Florentine who has specialized abroad and, of course, is all about his faith in science.

Britain's Horror HomesBritain's Horror Homes

Britain's Horror Homes is a documentary series which looks at different people whose lives have been ruined after their properties became living nightmares.

All Work No PlayAll Work No Play

A weekly (biweekly) Comedy Documentary Reality Talk Show program with two of the main cast members of Critical Role.

Alene i vildmarkenAlene i vildmarken

Ten Danes are sent out in a survival experiment in the wilderness. In total isolation and with a minimum of aids, they film their own struggle with hunger, cold and harsh nature. The last one left wins ...

Der Lissabon KrimiDer Lissabon Krimi
Das Erste, 2018 | Crime

At the center of the series is the failed public prosecutor Eduardo, who now has to work as a public defender with his idiosyncratic methods. However, he does not even do this from a law firm, but in a worn-out hotel where he also lives. Nobody knows exactly why Eduardo ended up here, not even his new assistant Marcia. Marcia has a first-class law exam, but as a Roma she is locked on the job market.

The Iron EmpressThe Iron Empress
KBS2, 2009 | Drama, History

The Iron Empress is the granddaughter of Wang Gun, the first emperor of Goryeo. She has inherited her grandfather´s vision as well as his Great Spirit. The empress fights against the enemies trying to collapse Goryeo, and called as 'The Iron Empress' who gets rid of her brother, son, and even her lover, for the good of the empire.

M-Net, 2016 | Drama

"Is'thunzi" is a South African teen drama television series created by Amanda Lane and set in the fast-paced world of South Africa's born-frees and in an age of wireless headphones, "dabbin" and memes, which follows the exploits of four girls who call themselves Ninjas..

Helen WestHelen West

Amanda Burton plays Helen West, a crusading senior prosecutor with the Crown Prosecution Service. Helen's life is complicated by her ongoing affair with a senior police officer (Connor Mullan). This miniseries of three episodes was based on the novels of Frances Fyfield.

Battle of the PlanetsBattle of the Planets

Battle of the Planets follows the adventures of the teenage-hero team G-Force. Mark, Jason, Princess, Keyop, and Tiny travel in The Phoenix to battle the evil forces of Zoltar from Planet Spectra. G-Force is guided by Chief Anderson and 7-Zark-7, but also receives help from Colonel Cronos, President Kane, Susan, and even 1-Rover-1. They are based in Center Neptune, which is far beneath the sea off the west coast of the United States.